The greatest lack of Formulation 1 in this millenium to this point is that Kimi hasn’t had a single fucking season where he got a legit car. The answer to the quiz “who’s doubtlessly the most attention-grabbing driver” continually is that “no longer doable to expose, since the car plays a mammoth ingredient”. Successfully if there would possibly perhaps be one driver this doesn’t note to, or no longer it’s Kimi. Everything he ever finished, each and each seize and that one championship, was the total formula down to him. He would possibly perhaps perhaps’ve had the quickest car on occasion (admire in 2005), nonetheless he never had doubtlessly the most attention-grabbing car. Not as soon as. Not even in 2007.

Kimi is the epitome of how great a merely car is worth in Formulation 1 and the diagram pointless a merely driver is without one.

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