Valtteri Bottas [Mercedes] beat all the competition in Suzuki and celebrated winning the race for the GP of Japan. Second place went to Sebastian Vettel [Ferrari] and third to Lewis Hamilton [Mercedes]. Mercedes won first and third place with the sixth consecutive design title.

Bottas took advantage of poor open Sebastian Vettl and broke into the lead in the first corner, which the Mercedes racer did not release all the lift out of the end of the race. Sebastian Vettel defended all Lewis Hamilton attacks at the end of the race, which is correct to settle for third place.

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc collided in the first lap of the race. Crimson Bull's race was correct with the injured car resigning, while Leclerc finished 6th.

Alexander Albon [Red Bull] finished in the top three and Carlos Sainz [Mclaren] finished fifth.

Charles Leclerc was sixth after the collision, with Daniel Ricciardo in seventh place. A very good eighth was Pierre Gasly [Toro Rosso], who collided with Sergi Perez in the final round, who is correct to step down.

Nico Hulkenberg [Renault] and Lance Stroll [Racing Point] also completed the top ten.


LAP 53 / 53: ?

TOP 10
HUL [Racing Point] # JapaneseGP ?? # F1 pic.twitter.com/xWxlS6JF5r

– Procedures 1 (@ F1) October

, 2019


Sebastian Vettel started off extremely poorly from the pole position and Valtteri Bottas made his way into the lead immediately from third place. Max Verstappen also started well, but in the first corner he ran into Charles Leclerc. The Dutchman spun while Charles Leclerc continued down the track with a damaged front wing.

LAP 1 / 53: Bottas will get colorful open and leads!

Drama in the wait on the Verstappen and Leclerc tangles, and the Ferrari man tells the team his car has hurt #JapaneseGP ?? # F1 [Toro Rosso] pic.twitter.com/JlW0yNLTbL

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Leclerc is then R dropped much of the front wing, which was pulled in the background by Hamilton and Sainz, and Ferrari nevertheless called Leclerc into the boxes. Monacan fell to the start of the starting lineup, where he joined Verstappen, and Alexander Albon and Carlos Sainz also collided.

What to Lap 1

The collision between Verstappen and Leclerc is now below the investigation by speed stewards # JapaneseGP ?? # F1 pic.twitter.com/Vebw6blQOn

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aaaaaaaaand I'm out # F1

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In the forefront, Valtteri Bottas has already earned a nice advantage, 16. Max Verstappen resigned from the race due to an injured car. A lap later, Vettel pulled into boxing and returned to the track with the softest tire mix. The leading Bottas immediately covered the attack, and Hamilton continued without stopping. The British drove into a 13. lap and came back on track in 3rd place.

Vettel took her second stop at 32. and the German eventually slipped to third.


Vettel's Tires are one lap older than the Bottas leader # JapaneseGP

?? # F1 pic.twitter.com/giIHMdZzGq

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Three laps later, the leader Bottas also took to the box for the second time, returning reliably to Vettle while Hamilton took the lead.

The Briton took his second stop ten laps before the finish and returned five seconds behind Sebastian Vettel to the track with the softest tire mix. Hamilton immediately began to draw extremely fast laps and clung to Vettel Ferrari's butt in a few laps.

LAP 43 / 53

Ten Laps To Drag And Hamilton Pits! The Briton comes to wait on out in the wait on Vettel

[Racing Point] HAM

SAI # JapaneseGP [Racing Point] F # F1 pic.twitter.com/yOHShkkTtc

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[Racing Point]

Hamilton tried to attack, but Vettel took advantage of Ferrari's powertrain and did not offer the British a chance to overtake. Bottas celebrated the victory, and Mercedes won the sixth consecutive title among the F1 constructors.

LAP 50 / 53:

He's in the wait on you! # JapaneseGP ??

# F1 pic.twitter.com/qQjET7OAyq

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