1 – Valtteri BOTTAS (Mercedes)

2 – Sebastian VETTEL (Ferrari)

3 – Lewis HAMILTON (Mercedes)


(Performed by Paul Di Resta)

Q: Congratulations Valtteri. Qualifying P3 in Suzuka you don’t anticipate to lead into Flip 1 nonetheless Sebastian made a mistake, you pounced on it and likewise you fully dominated that crawl in basic model. Try to be delighted with that?

Valtteri BOTTAS: I’m very gratified. Obviously it became an attractive close qualifying and yeah starting third right here is rarely, nonetheless there’s no longer level ever to present up on anything and I knew anything became that you just are going to have the selection to think of today time and alternatives accumulate been there today time and the first one became initially. I had a terribly tremendous start and clearly Sebastian had an topic, so managed to bring together in the lead and then the tempo became helpful correct. I might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps if truth be told control the crawl. I for sure loved it and had enjoyable, so yeah, very, very gratified.

Q: Had been you a slight bit terrified as soon as they pulled you into the pits and talked about you accumulate been on a two-end formula or became that continually the opinion? Or did you think you accumulate been going to must overtake Lewis?

VB: Yeah, we knew that one or two stops accumulate been every that you just are going to have the selection to think of and that there became no longer a big distinction between the 2 of them. We knew if might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps be a scenario. That for sure went gentle. I might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps if truth be told control it after I might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps and push after I wished. Effective.

Q: And to fill up the day, Mercedes fine won their sixth Constructors’ title in a row. Try to be delighted with that?

VB: Yeah, if truth be told proud to be part of the team. A sixth title in a row is so spectacular, so very comfortable with every single team member, right here at the crawl team and likewise at the manufacturing unit. Successfully performed guys and ladies.

Q: Successfully performed Valtteri. Earn pleasure from the evening. Sebastian, congratulations, I know after qualifying you attach it on pole living, nonetheless I even must narrate referring to the starting up – what took place? You moved and needed to end. Modified into that a mistake to your behalf?

Sebastian VETTEL: Yeah, I imply the lights accumulate been on an extraordinarily long time, nonetheless it became my mistake, so I misplaced the momentum them. So I ended up worse than fine having a miserable start, it became a terribly miserable start. Then it became hard because Mercedes became somewhat like a flash in the crawl, seriously at the help of the stint, they had more tempo than us. Yeah, Valtteri became flying, literally, at the end of the first stint. Obviously Lewis tried to construct one end and I speak it didn’t work and in the end I knew that he would advance out in the help of and I fine paced myself spherical the entire bits in the track the put I might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps and fine tried to bring together correct exits in the areas the put he might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps be a risk. So that worked nonetheless, yeah, it became clearly a tough afternoon to then retain 2nd.

Q: Perform you think if you happen to hadn’t made that mistake initially the hold close became that you just are going to have the selection to think of?

SV: I don’t know, because then they’ll clearly play noteworthy more the tactics, so clearly that plan they had one automobile conveniently in the lead and Valtteri became out… we weren’t a risk to him. Nonetheless yeah I think with the dearth of tempo today time, most certainly 2nd became most certainly the maximum, nonetheless for sure I’m no longer gratified with the very first start of the crawl nonetheless after that it became stunning, nonetheless as I talked about we fine lacked a slight bit of tempo. Nonetheless overall it’s been a sure day, the total lot packed in a single day and to bring together pole and 2nd today time is life like. It’s fairly of a disgrace. I don’t know what took place to Charles, otherwise we might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps accumulate most certainly had every autos to peril them fairly more.

Q: Lewis, I know the total lot you most certainly did today time you never if truth be told got plight free, you accumulate been continually roughly in the aggregate, nonetheless as soon as you accumulate been free you had the tempo and a peril the entire technique to the end.

Lewis HAMILTON: Yeah, well initially it’s congratulations to the team, so well deserved. To hold close it six years in a row, the Constructors’ Championship, is the principle level. I for sure fine wished to bring together the most keen aspects for my team today time.

Q: Wanting ahead: now that it’s all of the model down to the Drivers’, construct you suspect that you just and Valtteri will doubtless be combating the entire plan fairly more freely now that the Constructors’ is over and over and performed?

LH: It makes no distinction because we’ve been racing freely all year.

Q: Yeah, nonetheless this is able to perhaps perhaps be a tough battle the entire technique to the end?

LH: For sure.


Q: Valtteri, colossal crawl by you today time. Will we start by talking referring to the starting up? How correct became it, virtually as correct as Austria 2017?

VB: No longer somewhat. I think nothing compares to that. Sebastian virtually had as correct as that one I think. Nonetheless I did accumulate an extraordinarily, very correct start. Nonetheless for sure it looks to be like better if there are autos spherical that don’t accumulate a correct start and intensely noteworthy wanted, because we knew we had a correct crawl automobile right here with a correct tempo nonetheless if you happen to might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps most certainly be in the help of heaps of autos you are going to have the selection to’t if truth be told exhaust it that noteworthy. I became very gratified to bring together to the lead and clearly it’s somewhat heaps of being in the lead and having the capability to manipulate and on this track [being] in the free air makes a distinction so I for sure loved it.

Q: Once in the lead did you might perhaps maybe perhaps most certainly merely accumulate any heaps of considerations at some level of the crawl?

VB: The entirety became going sexy gentle. Steady the 2nd stint became beefy of traffic, so I became overtaking backmarkers the entire time, so I couldn’t if truth be told accumulate correct rhythm and intensely correct tempo in that stint.

SV: You will accumulate slowed down.

VB: Yeah… I didn’t wish to. Yeah, when Lewis didn’t end for his 2nd end I became a piece of eager that most certainly his tyres would closing to the end and he might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps for sure bring together it, because he had a tight gap to me. Nonetheless clearly he became on the medium and I think that tyres would accumulate struggled hugely at the end. So, from my aspect, clearly an extraordinarily correct crawl and on top of that very, very gratified for every single team member, getting the sixth Constructors’ title. If truth be told well deserved. It’s no longer fine the result today time nonetheless throughout the season so very, very proud.

Q: Totally performed. Sebastian can we start initially? What took place out of your level of notice?

SV: Successfully clearly I had a miserable start so I misplaced somewhat fairly of momentum when the lights rush off. A mistake on my aspect. I had it in my hands, literally, to map a correct start – in overall starts are if truth be told solid – nonetheless clearly today time we didn’t bring together it fine. I don’t know what took place to Charles nonetheless we every passed over out on the starting up most certainly for heaps of causes. After that we knew it became going to be a tough crawl. Overtaking isn’t easy right here and clearly by technique of tempo it became very hard. We might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps see in the first stint that Valtteri became fine sooner, seriously in direction of the end, and then Lewis became catching. He became in overall very near me after we pitted, so I think overall we got the formula fine to dwell ahead. I don’t know if… most certainly they didn’t bring together it fully fine. Nonetheless no longer the day we wished if you happen to begin first and 2nd. I don’t know the put Charles done. Sixth? Did he? So 2nd and sixth.

Q: Had been you all in favour of getting a penalty for the starting up?

SV: I don’t know. No longer if truth be told. Obviously I had an extraordinarily miserable start in most cases…

[Valtteri and Lewis laughter]

LH: You’re lying! Reach on!

SV: No I didn’t. Should you jump the starting up then clearly you bring together caught, so I think it became fine stunning.

Q: And Sebastian, we saw a thrilling battle between you and Lewis at the end of the crawl. How noteworthy did you revel in that?

SV: I became shocked as soon as they pitted to be dazzling. I expected him to dwell out and employ a accumulate a examine the one end. When I knew that.. also sooner than, Valtteri became to this level away and we weren’t like a flash and it became no longer that you just are going to have the selection to think of to cast off him, so when he got right here out I became no longer speeding to begin the gap, I became fine attempting to retain my tyres come what might perhaps perhaps perhaps contemporary to verify that if he arrives then the total lot is mute in correct form and I even accumulate the risk to construct up correct corner exits and play the advantage we accumulate down the straights, which worked. It got fairly close as soon as with traffic nonetheless heaps of than that I think it became somewhat correct. I became somewhat somewhat gratified after I saw the chequered flag. I didn’t wish to construct but any other 5 laps esteem that. Nonetheless I knew clearly in the areas the put you are going to have the selection to’t cross I’m able to employ it easy to employ a accumulate a examine to retain the tyres a slight bit.

Q: Lewis, coming on to you, Sebastian became shocked that you just bought right here in to your 2nd end. How shocked accumulate been you to be called in?

LH: I wasn’t shocked. The team attach me on a two-end, so I knew already as soon as they attach the medium on, that became going to be the case.

Q: Perform you think, because the crawl performed out, you might perhaps maybe perhaps most certainly merely accumulate got to the end on that one-end?

LH: With better guidance I think I most certainly might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps accumulate. They talked about, as soon as they attach the tyre on, that we are going a two end because the degradation is high. So then, fine the path I became given by technique of getting to employ a accumulate a examine and shut the gap to Seb. So on every occasion I became having to close this gap, so ragged the tyres somewhat fairly. So, in how I became the utilization of them, there became no plan I became going to bring together it to the end on that. If I had, from the starting up, talked about we’re fine going to eke it out and fine see if we might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps put together it, then I might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps accumulate fine pushed otherwise and, potentially, held it to the end – nonetheless all in hindsight.

Q: Lewis, you’ve been with the team for all six Constructors’ titles. How does this one fee against the others?

LH: It without a doubt feels a slight bit heaps of. Obviously… I wouldn’t utter as gratified as beforehand because naturally we misplaced Niki this year and it doesn’t feel the identical without him. So, naturally I’m very, very comfortable with the team. Very comfortable with all americans help at the manufacturing unit, and I know Niki might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps be taking off his hat for today time’s result. Yeah, I think we owe him a generous amount and this hold close is truly for him. I think the entire team and the entire of Mercedes will most certainly devote this to Niki. I without a doubt construct. Very, very proud to be a enlighten of it, and a enlighten of the lumber – nonetheless it has been a tough, a tough year for us, y’know? And on every occasion I stroll into the garage I see Niki’s headphones and his cap. I sat and I checked out it today time sooner than I got in the auto. As I talked about, I know he’ll be proud, I know his family will doubtless be as well. The team wishes to be proud too.


Q: (Luis Vasconcelos – Formula Press) Demand for the Mercedes drivers. Valtteri, you requested your engineer if he became sure that Lewis became going to end a 2nd time. He told you yes, you kept to that tempo – nonetheless then two laps later you had your most keen lap unless that level, that coincided when Lewis got right here in. Had been you starting up to construct up doubts that he became coming in and likewise you wished to cast off, fine in case? And for Lewis, if the opinion became to rush to 2nd stops, why construct you think they kept you out for goodbye at the end of the first stint as soon as you accumulate been two to a pair of seconds slower than Valtteri and Sebastian?

VB: Yes, for sure I became desperate to make certain what’s the crawl peril and what’s going to happen. At that level for sure I had some margin to construct the engine a slight bit for the long term races. So that’s why I became asking if I for sure desired to rush beefy gas, or if there’s fairly of margin for safety. I think the timing for the exact lap instances, I became getting by technique of some backmarkers then going in the rhythm all as soon as more, going in correct lap instances. All my stints, they weren’t hugely long so I might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps if truth be told push hard after I wished. And esteem I talked about earlier, the auto felt if truth be told correct today time, so I became more than delighted to push when wanted.


LH: Modified into I shocked. No, that became the aim, that became what we accumulate been imagined to be going for. The surprise is that, on every occasion you advance out, by going long you find yourself frikkin’ twice as far in the help of as you accumulate been sooner than, which is twice as frustrating. On fable of I’m able to’t see that, so I’m no longer conscious of that, and I advance out and a I realise that I’ve fine misplaced but any other ten seconds and I’m esteem: ‘Why – you might perhaps maybe perhaps most certainly merely accumulate told me. Should you’d talked about I became going to advance help out an additional ten seconds in the help of – I became sexy noteworthy 22 seconds in the help of Valtteri – I’d talked about no and would accumulate advance in earlier.” So, there’ll be some dialogue I’m sure after we bring together help.

Q: (Heikki Kulta – Turun Sanomat) Valtteri, you might perhaps maybe perhaps most certainly merely accumulate over and over talked about that right here is your favourite circuit. Does it feel any heaps of after at closing winning right here when compared to these 5 sooner than?

VB: For sure. It retains it my favourite circuit, for sure. It’s no longer been a number of the strengths of mine – ever – this track, nonetheless even if it’s continually been roughly the favourite that I’ve regarded forward to the most by technique of the driving aspect. So, yeah, for sure now it makes it a more special track for me, and it’s a number of the very iconic grands prix in the calendar to carry close, so very gratified to construct that, for sure.

Q: (Luke Smith – crash.procure) Valtteri, Lewis. A sixth successive double plight of titles – confirmed today time, one of you two will hold close the Drivers’ Championship. Toto has spoken sooner than referring to the pride of wearing the shirt, the workers and Mercedes, are you able to narrate a slight bit about how proud you might perhaps maybe perhaps most certainly be to be part of this memoir-breaking team, and what you’ve constructed right here.

VB: I think I talked about earlier, I’m very proud clearly. We’re making historical past and, it’s comical with anything you construct, if you happen to might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps most certainly be getting success, and so forth, occasionally it’s somewhat hard to realise that success. Every occasionally or no longer it is far important to step out of doors, a step or two to realise it if truth be told. I’m sure we are able to think about help at this afterwards at some level, that wow, we made six and clearly optimistically more – nonetheless this moment, yeah, I am hoping we all can if truth be told like it and employ the time to revel in it as well, even if we must retain pushing. It fine feels esteem existence goes sexy hasty onwards and it’s an necessary to revel in these moments and, no longer lower than personally for me, I’m if truth be told, if truth be told proud, if truth be told gratified for every single team-member. I know the amount of work that has gone into achieving it. So very, very gratified for all americans and I fine hope all americans realises that and enjoys it because it’s well-deserved.

LH: I think I roughly talked about stuff earlier on. I’ve been with the team for seven years. I’ve been with Mercedes since I became 13 so very proud to be racing the silver celebrity and be part of this fabulous lumber that Mercedes is on. Becoming a member of them in 2013, with fine the insist belief that we are going to construct something special, it’s roughly loopy to secret agent it coming to fruition, the entire exertions. Naturally, after I met all americans in 2013, fine seeing how dedicated they accumulate been there, and it mute remains the identical. Even if we accumulate the success as soon as a year, they’re hungry, they’re pushed, they’re mad that they accumulate Valtteri and I in the auto and so that they give fully the total lot. And I esteem that, and it if truth be told evokes me to rush available and power the model that I construct, the model that we construct at some level of the weekend.

Q: (Jens Nagler – Bild) Two questions for Seb: how did you revel in the battle against Lewis and secondly, if I’m fine, there’s no longer likelihood whatsoever now to clinch the title for you so is Mexico the first step of the next strive?

SV: Successfully, clearly no longer gratified with the truth that we didn’t accumulate the year that we accumulate been shopping for nonetheless it’s no longer today time that made the variation, no longer the day earlier to this, no longer closing week or… Obviously it’s been an extended year and it’s mute going so… I don’t think we’re lacking anything. I think we fine must work better. I think we are very dedicated, working very hard nonetheless it’s no longer but on the level that can merely be finished. Obviously Mercedes accumulate shown that in the closing years that you just are going to have the selection to construct better and so that they’ve been able to retain that. I think we’re no longer in that living, nonetheless I’ve cherished to be dazzling and I’m sure that we are going to doubtless be more eager by nature nonetheless that’s no longer the case so we must work better. As I talked about, I think we don’t must work more difficult nonetheless I think we must work better. The basic one: yeah, I loved it nonetheless clearly I knew that I became fairly of a sitting duck because I became somewhat unhurried in the corners and intensely like a flash on the straights, so I fine tried to play my advantage and that worked. I’m sure that Lewis didn’t revel in that as noteworthy nonetheless in the end it became key to… or we tried as hard as we might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps to dwell ahead no topic being slower at the end so that’s correct nonetheless overall we had a colossal likelihood today time, starting first and 2nd. Obviously after the first couple of meters that advantage became gone nonetheless after that we knew that it might perhaps maybe perhaps perhaps be hard from the put we accumulate been to present it spherical and we saw in the first stint that we fine couldn’t rush with them, seriously at the end they accumulate been loads stronger. In expose I talked about, there’s mute room for development. It doesn’t start in Mexico – next year;  next year starts next year so whatever we are able to learn this year, I think we’ve learned loads about our automobile, the weaknesses, we’ve improved it nonetheless we’re mute no longer there so… We’ve had a solid couple of races nonetheless overall I think we’re mute a slight bit in the help of.

Q: Sebastian, you utter you’ve learned loads about yourselves; what accumulate you ever learned about Mercedes this year?

SV: It’s very hard, clearly you are going to have the selection to’t see what they’re doing nonetheless I think from the out of doors they’re very near perfection on every occasion they rush out now heading in the exact path so very consistent, slight or no errors. That’s for sure also part of what makes them  so solid nonetheless yeah, if you happen to clinch the Constructors title with four races to rush there’s somewhat lots of issues you construct better than the entire others. Should you rush into detail then you definately’ll have the selection to argue what their automobile is most certainly doing better than ours nonetheless I don’t think that’s the level overall, it’s a team effort and as I talked about, I think we construct accumulate the system, we construct accumulate the dedication, we construct accumulate the intelligence nonetheless we fine must construct it better. It’s somewhat lots of runt issues; it’s no longer one enlighten that we must toughen, it’s somewhat lots of runt issues that we must construct better, every single one of us and that’s the exclusively plan that we are able to strive to step up. Optimistically they bring together fairly bored, we are able to see what occurs.

Q: (Phil Duncan – PA) Lewis, fine throwing it forward, you are going to have the selection to now clearly hold close the championship in Mexico so how necessary is it for you to bring together that over the road as soon as you are going to have the selection to? And Valtteri does this result give you renewed hope that you just might perhaps maybe perhaps most certainly merely have the selection to construct the unthinkable and beat Lewis to the title?

LH: I think for me it’s never  been a case of regularly desperate to dash issues. Valtteri’s pushed well all year long, he’s performed a colossal job today time and he’ll most certainly construct an extraordinarily very stable job these next races, so we mute accumulate a battle, the battle continues. I think Mexico will doubtless be our worst crawl of the year attributable to the model our automobile is plight up and it’s going to be a tough one for us. The closing few accumulate been sexy dazzling, even if we’ve won the title there. I’m hoping for a greater weekend nonetheless I think it’s going to be very hard to beat the Ferraris with these long straights. We accumulate no hope of getting by on these straights, that’s for sure nonetheless even if you happen to think about at the others, the McLarens are picking up some severe speeds on the straights, so are the Purple Bulls so I think this is able to perhaps perhaps be a tough one. I don’t no longer sleep for this is able to perhaps perhaps be Mexico. I think we are able to be combating for a correct few races.

VB: Yeah, I don’t if truth be told quit on anything so long as there’s a theoretical likelihood so there’s no level in that. This day became a correct instance on the track the put it’s hard to overtake. You originate third, OK, two Ferraris ahead, it’s a tough case to carry close nonetheless it’s that you just are going to have the selection to think of. Yeah, the total lot’s that you just are going to have the selection to think of even if I’m reasonable as well that I could must be very lucky, that’s a fact, to carry close the entire relaxation of the races nonetheless yeah, I don’t if truth be told take into fable that noteworthy at this level. It is my injurious, mostly, that I’ve been in the help of this noteworthy in the aspects when compared to Lewis, it’s my fault which I strive to repair for the long term nonetheless it is far the put we are for sure and fine employ it now crawl by crawl and plight how it goes.

Q: (Ben Hunt – The Solar) Lewis, are you kicking your self now that you just most certainly did bring together that end or are you thinking most certainly I might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps accumulate got to the end of the crawl on these tyres? Demand to the heaps of two drivers: if you happen to construct up been in that identical peril, you’re main the crawl, you’ve got 22 laps to rush, would you might perhaps maybe perhaps most certainly merely accumulate risked it and stayed out? Final inquire of: Sebastian, who’s going to carry close the title out of these two guys right here?

LH: If truth be told, I’m thinking of what I’m going to employ tonight. I’m all in favour of I’m able to’t wait to bring together help to the UK to secret agent my niece and nephew. What’s performed is done. Naturally we’ll rush and take a seat and search the advice of with the engineers and strategists. I think today time can accumulate been performed better. There’s quite lots of scenarios at some level of the year when that’s been the case nonetheless nonetheless, Valtteri did the job. I’d accumulate needed to construct up pushed otherwise in that 2nd stint, stretch out as far as you are going to have the selection to… naturally after I became in the lead I believed about staying out nonetheless by the time I’d already pushed so noteworthy to close the gap to Seb… we need to accumulate no longer lower than got a one-two today time nonetheless I think the formula wasn’t optimum for me. It became naturally optimum for Valtteri nonetheless yeah, there accumulate been loads scenarios. Valtteri had an extraordinarily correct gap to the first stint. He didn’t must end early because he clearly had a correct ample gap. They wish to construct up stopped me sooner than Seb to undercut him nonetheless it’s continually an afterthought. In overall the first automobile gets precedence which is continually how we’ve continually had it nonetheless we are able to construct better as a team, to make certain we ranking more one-twos, so we’ll fine work hard on that and there’s no like misplaced or anything esteem that. We’ll be pushing hard.

VB: Yeah, clearly, I don’t know. I wasn’t in his automobile and I’m able to’t know the plan the tyres accumulate been feeling and how noteworthy he became pushing sooner than and so the exclusively enlighten I know is that at this level for him most certainly the pc would accumulate talked about no, it’s no longer that you just are going to have the selection to think of with the numbers we had for the tyre existence so that’s the exclusively enlighten I know.

SV: Yeah, I think Valtteri has talked about sexy noteworthy it. It depends loads on how you might perhaps maybe perhaps most certainly be feeling with the tyres so I don’t know whether Lewis became talking with the team and asking to dwell out or what accumulate been the choices, nonetheless if you happen to bring together the decision out then you definately belief the team and likewise you advance in. And the 2nd one is that Lewis will hold close it. Doesn’t topic which crawl. I don’t think it issues for him, does it? It wouldn’t topic to me. 

Q: (Luis Vasconcelos – Formula Press) Lewis, in the closing few laps you had softer tyres than Sebastian, more moderen tyres than Sebastian, you had DRS nonetheless mute you couldn’t bring together the transfer. How anxious is that, that this gap is simply too immense by technique of straightline dash, for Mercedes to cast off for next year?

LH: We’ve got time for next year. I think it’s no longer been a colossal year for us by technique of the colossal topic, by technique of our engine pattern. I think it’s been a terribly hard time for the blokes, they’ve been working as hard as ever nonetheless it’s fine no longer been as a hit in that division, as I utter, plus it’s somewhat draggy nonetheless we’ve had colossal reliability and optimistically that continues to be the identical and that’s mute something to be if truth be told comfortable with clearly. We accumulate, clearly, mute won the Constructors championship nonetheless we’ll push to employ a accumulate a examine and most certainly decrease the spin a slight bit nonetheless also increasing energy for next  so that they’re fully onto it and I even accumulate the entire self belief on the planet that we’ll have the selection to bring together some form of step into the next season. In spite of the total lot I got in the tow of Seb, the tow with DRS and maximum energy and the total lot… it’s fabulous how like a flash they’re. It makes it very very hard, even if you happen to’ve got the profit of the tyre nonetheless I think it’s cold anyway, it presents keen racing. I favor we might perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps accumulate had a more in-depth crawl today time nonetheless it’s a tough track to construct so.


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