After the end of the race, the FIE Commissioners explained why they did not punish Sebastian Vettl, despite the fact that it was more than obvious that the German had driven too fast from the pole position.

Sebastian Vettel made a mistake at the start and started before the red lights went out. Despite Vettl's apparently too fast start, the commissioners did not punish, which surprised many as Kimi Raikkonen received a boxing penalty for rushing originals in Russia.

At the end of the race, the FIA ​​explained its decision:

Although the video and the fast start system showed that Vettel was driving too fast, his shift was still within acceptable tolerance.

After the race, Vettel himself admitted the mistake:

“The lights were on for a very long time, and I made the mistake of losing the moment. I ended up taking it a lot worse, as it was not bad originals, but very bad originals. Then everything was much more difficult as Mercedes was at the forefront of choosing a strategy. We were expecting more after qualifying, but pole wages and second places were a good turn out. ”

Onboard with polesitter Sebastian Vettel. Right here is never any longer considered as a bounce originate? # F1 # JapaneseGP pic.twitter.com/vQ9ldjSmqA

– Vincent Bruins (@VincentJBruins) October 13, 2019

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