(Motorsport-Total.com) – It remains the same: Ferrari since the summer break, especially in qualifying as replaced. After four pole positions of Charles Leclerc in series Sebastian Vettel beat in qualifying for the Grand Prix of Japan in Suzuka

Sebastian Vettel


The “finger” answers: Sebastian Vettel is surprised by the Pole himself Zoom Download

Again, the red Renner from Maranello in the qualifying trim were inviolable: Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton were missing in their Mercedes more than two tenths of a second, leaving only the second row on the grid.

Just after the Friday is not only for outsiders a big surprise. The Ferrari drivers also admit that they did not expect this result. Ferrari even had trouble keeping pace with Crimson Bull before the typhoon. At the trace after the big storm, the Scuderia is suddenly closed again in the first row.


Photos: Immense Prix of Japan


Vettel was visible after qualifying happy and beaming all over his face. He admits that he did not count on the Pole region: “To be honest, we are quite surprised that we did not expect the first row, so I am very happy.”

“The car was unbelievable with little fuel and new tires, we had headwind in the Esses and that's exactly what you want to have there, because then the car feels even better, I do not even have the brakes [im ersten Sektor] until corner 2 That was unbelievable, I enjoyed it so much, but that was only the first part of our job today. ” ((************************************************************************************************) )

“Seb drove an incredible lap today and deserves to be on pole,” says the Monegasse.

On Friday he still had the right balance but no Dash. In qualifying it was the other way round: Ferrari had the Plod, but Leclerc was not happy with the handling. “I've had trouble with the car since the beginning of the weekend,” admits the (***********************************) – year-old.

“To be honest, I am quite satisfied with my lap from qualifying – except for the last sector, where I made some mistakes, but the Pole region was not in. Seb was Congratulations to him, I am very happy and very surprised that we are first and second on the grid after our Friday. “

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