After the race for the GP of Japan, Robert Kubica was furious with Williams, who had changed his front wings without qualification before qualifying, which the Pole did not even know about.

After only a few minutes, Cuban ended up in a protective fence after losing control of his car when accelerating to the starting target.

Williams tested his new front wings on Friday's free training, which, according to Kubica, was a step in the right direction, and then the Grove team unexpectedly decided to put the Pole on the old wing version.

After the race over the conduct of his team, Cubb was greatly disappointed.

“Friday was very positive as we were racing with the new front wing and the feeling in the car was much better after a long time. Then, before qualifying, someone decided to replace the new wing with the old one, which I only found out after qualifying. I think this decision was not related to the situation on the line, but most likely to austerity. Williams crossed all boundaries this time. “

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