FIA stewards fined Charles Leclerc after the Japan GP with 10 seconds for causing danger as the Ferrari driver raced with a damaged front wing. The article under which the FIA ​​penalized Leclerc, however, did not fit the prescribed penalty that the driver should receive for such an offense.

Following the end of the race, the FIA fined Charles Leclerc with a double penalty. Ferrari driver received 5 penalty seconds for colliding with Max Verstappen and extra 10 because of dangerous driving with a loose endplate.

The FIA  referred a 10 seconds penalty to 38.d Article of F1 Sporting Regulations, which prescribes a Stop&GO penalty, if sanctioned in the last three laps or after the end of the race (as in this case), a racer would be penalized with a 30. seconds. That would mean Leclerc would fall to 12 place ​​and run out of points.

Fia fined Leclerc with 10 penalty seconds, which is consistent with article 38. b and not 38. d as indicated by the stewards in the report.

So there are two possibilities: either the FIA ​​cited an incorrect article, or the stewards gave Leclerc a wrong penalty.

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