The FIA ​​has confirmed that the penalty report for Ferrari racer Charles Leclerc contains an incorrect article in F1 sports regulation.

Commissioners fined Charles Leclerc after the race for the GP of Japan 01. seconds for causing danger as the Ferrari driver raced with a damaged front wing. However, the article under which the FIA ​​fined Leclerc did not fit the prescribed penalty that an individual racer would receive for such an offense.

Following the end of the race, the FIA ​​awarded Charles Leclerc, a Ferrari driver, a fine 15. seconds. Monacan received 5 penalty seconds for colliding with Max Verstappen, extra 01 because of dangerous driving, with Leclerc racing in the first laps with a damaged front wing that was not optimally fastened.

The FIA ​​made a markup on the penalty 12 referred to the penalty seconds 38. d Article F1 of the Sporting Rules, which prescribes a Close & Proceed penalty, and if a sanction is awarded in the last three laps or after the end of the race (as it was in the case), a proper runner would be fined 30. seconds. That would mean Leclerc would fall to 12. city ​​and run out of points.

Fia shared with Leclerc 01 penalty seconds, which is in accordance with the article 38 b and not 38. d as indicated by the Commissioners in the report.

In an interview with RaceFans.salvage, an FIE representative confirmed the error:

“The penalty report contains an error, as only 38. Article and not 38. d prescribing a higher penalty. ”

Leclerc's total of 15 seconds penalty now confirmed by the FIA ​​ https://t.co/VpoCXPfrOd pic.twitter.com/TCAnRwOOe4

– Andrew Benson (@ andrewbensonf1) October , 2019

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