(Motorsport-Total.com) – How the pictures are the same: Similar to the season opener in Australia Valtteri Bottas drove at the Grand Prix of Japan 2019 a clear home win. At the start up, he surprised the two Ferrari drivers and could not take the victory. And like after Melbourne he sends out a nice message: “Fuck you!”

Valtteri Bottas


Who does not deliver here? Valtteri Bottas has a clear message to his critics Zoom Download

Meant are the critics who had last written off Bottas. Since the Azerbaijan Grand Prix at the end of April, he had not been able to win a Formula One race. Nine times he has been defeated in eleven races since Baku by Hamilton. In Japan, the “new” Bottas showed again, as the Finn staged after his opening victory.

The Mercedes driver describes his relief after the Suzuka Victory vs. 'Sky': “I would have used lickety-split again for some bad words, that's just a good feeling, and there are a lot of people who think I'm in The second half of the season does not come off, as if it were carved in stone, I tell them: Fuck you! “

Photos: Gargantuan Prix of Japan

“If that's what I want to do in this sport, if I want to win the World Championship against Lewis one day, I have to beat him, and not only will he be an opponent, it will not be easy.”

Se recovered It will be very difficult this year, but I'm not giving up yet. And next year is a new year. I want to keep the momentum. I really missed that feeling of victory. Sometimes you need such results to increase self-confidence. I definitely needed that victory. “

With his victory, he played a decisive role in the sixth title for Mercedes in the Constructors' Championship in a row: “That means a lot to me. This is not such a big deal for a driver as it is for the drivers' championship. Still, that means a lot. Especially when it's the sixth, that does not happen so often. “

” It's very nice to know that I too could contribute. I am very proud of every single member of the team – everyone in the racing team, but also in the factory. This is not a walk, you have to work very hard. “

Is Bottas the gallant team player, or is he a killer who can become world champion? Question deliberately open: “I am, once once people want to believe. I know who I am. “

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