(Motorsport-Total.com) – Valtteri Bottas as a brilliant winner of the Grand Prix of Japan Nico Rosberg even believes that Mercedes has sacrificed a possible double victory so as not to cause an unpleasant conversation with the drivers.

Lewis Hamilton


Are you really struggling to stop this? Mercedes wanted to avoid discussions, believes Rosberg Zoom Download

“If they let Lewis out, I do not know how it went, I think he won,” says the World Champion

in his vlog. “I do not think Bottas could have overtaken him, because overtaking is difficult on this track.”

But this scenario would have brought Mercedes into a very unpleasant Danger: As in Silverstone Bottas would have lost a possible victory by the strategy. At that time it was virtual safety automobiles, this time it would simply have been the circumstances. “Mercedes suddenly had a narrate: how could one justify that in front of the drivers?”



The Various would have been to apply a stable order and bring Hamilton behind Bottas. “But you can not tell the championship leader who is fighting for his World Cup to let Bottas pass, as Mercedes has maneuvered himself into a loose-lose Danger.”

Starting point: Vettel's first stop The real thing has started Sebastian Vettel – and this much earlier in the race – at the end of the first stint

“First of all we have Bottas in the lead, he is about four seconds ahead, then Vettel and Hamilton come in tow, Vettel had to stop in front of Hamilton in every Descend, otherwise Hamilton would have the Undercut and passed by with ease, the race would have been over for Vettel, so Vettel has to stop early to cover Hamilton. “

(************************************************************************) Rosberg: Mercedes strategy as image-nursing? The ex-Formula 1 driver criticized the tactics decision of his former team and suspected: In Japan, the mood was decided in the crew (*********************************************************************)

“From then on, it does not make sense for Hamilton to stop. His only likelihood is now to drive long. But Bottas has to cover Vettel. Otherwise he would fall prey to the undercut of Vettel. “

” Bottas comes in next round. Hamilton forces Vettel to the Field and the Vettel stop forces Bottas to the Field. Lewis now lasts five more laps than Vettel and four laps longer than Bottas. “

*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Vettel and Bottas stay with two stops and come in again. And all of a sudden Lewis is out there alone and feels really comfortable on the medium. Suddenly, everyone realizes that the tires may be intestine enough to go through to the very end. “

That was a consequence of the fact that Mercedes had much more information in the race than at that time at the beginning. “You learn a lot during the race,” says Rosberg, referring to the experience (**********************************************************************) Formula 1 race can support.

Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton


The trigger for the whole mess: Vettel close to Hamilton Zoom Download

Hamilton reinzuholen a second time , has made little sense from a team strategic point of view: Vettel depart after the Hamilton stop 20 seconds back at (*****************************************************************. He would have had to catch up a second apt round but once he did not. He came up with a maximum of Hamilton's additional stop, however, threw him back behind Vettel.

“I think they made the standard decision because it was a lot easier to explain after the race, which cost them a double victory,” Rosberg argues. “It was a difficult decision, but certainly understandable.”

However, he would rather have seen what would have happened with a stop: “Hamilton should get the likelihood, the best of the Einstoppstrategie He was spared the tires accordingly, which was certainly hard for Lewis, but he should get over it quickly. “

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