(Motorsport-Total.com) – On Wednesday in Paris one last time discussed, as the Formula 1 from the season 2021 should look like . At the 31. October, the new regulations will be presented to the public. And tech expert Gary Anderson fears that there will not be much left over from the originally big plans of FIA and Liberty Media.


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“I have to To admit that I always expected everything to be watered down, the big teams are not interested in change, “he explains in an interview with Edd Straw. He explicitly mentions Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes as the teams that do not want anything to change the rules and thus their supremacy.

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At the 31. October, the F1 regulations for Technique expert Gary Anderson explains why this could be a disappointment. Further Formula 1 videos

According to Anderson, there is a risk that a small crew will best interpret and implement the new rules and (****************************************************************************) to become a “strong opponent” for the established top teams. And he's worried that the big teams will eventually prevail in this power struggle.

“They should work together, of course, but the final decision should be FIA ​​and F1,” Anderson says “disappointed” is that the FIA ​​no longer show authority. The teams currently have “too much control” in Formula One, so he thinks the new regulations could be disappointing for many.

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