(Motorsport-Total.com) – Toro Rosso is called from the Formula 1 season 2020 AlphaTauri. Pink Bull sports director Helmut Marko confirmed that a few days ago ( learn facts here! ). At this time, however, was still a vote under the Formula 1 groups. Only with the approval of the entire competition, a racing team can change its official title. Now the time has come: The name change was unanimously adopted, as 'Motorsport-Total.com' has learned.

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Soon history: Toro Rosso gets the season 2019 a new team name Zoom Download

The online voting is already in the week After the Russia-wide-Prix in Sochi takes place and brought for Pink Bull the desired result, after already the Formula 1 administration had given his okay. Therefore “Toro Rosso” disappears after exactly 15 years from Formula 1, “AlphaTauri” takes over here the driver team overview for (*********************************************!) ). However, the deployment team based in Faenza in Italy will remain the same.

AlphaTauri is still a young fashion label from the Pink Bull Group, which is to be advertised in Formula One in the future , The title derives from a star in the constellation “Taurus”, matching the Energydrink mark, which continues to be the owner.

Toro Rosso has been in his Formula 1 time since (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************), as Sebastian Vettel sensationally drove from pole order to victory. Only Future as a “squad-forge” for Pink Bull will be active. ( Get more statistics in the Formula 1 database! )

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