Formula One World Champion 1996 Damon Hill is convinced that Lewis Hamilton is the best British driver in history, better than F1s like Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart or Nigel Mansell.

Lewis Hamilton is well on his way to formally confirming the sixth Formula One World Champion title at the next race in Mexico.

The Briton is also getting closer to Michael Schumacher's once-unreachable F1 record, and ex-racer Damon Hill is excited about his compatriot's accomplishments:

“It should be taken for granted that Lewis Hamilton is the best British racer in history. Year after year the race is exceptional no matter what the circumstances. Next year, by number of titles, Schumacher could be equal, which is amazing. He has matured in every way and is currently at the height of his powers, which he is also aware of. I think that his achievements should be appreciated more by people, because they are truly remarkable things. “

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