(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Whether Robert Kubica is in Formula 1 after the season An answer to this question does not exist yet. Kubica himself explains at the Japan Colossal Prix in Suzuka: “There has not been a decision yet, I would [aber] say it's moving forward.” He could well imagine progress in his talks this week. “So far there is nothing to report.”

Robert Kubica


Where is the journey going in the year 2019? Robert Kubica is still covered Zoom Procure

Kubica, who overcame himself at the weekend with his current Personnel Williams ( read here Particulars! ), does not want to comment on the directions in which he extends his antennae. An offer from Haas, where he could become check and development driver, he leaves uncommented, as well as other conceivable scenarios of this work in other racing series.

“Much depends on what opportunities offer me and turned into into next year will be my main program, “explains the Pole. “Once the athletic component is bagged, I'll see if I can do more.”

On the explicit request, whether he is convinced And I want to race. “

” Until that's clarified, I'm not worried about anything else, it's just a matter of time until the decision is made just needs some time, that's all. “

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