(This graph was before the entirety about refuelling. I edited it so that it presentations the maximum width allowed by the guidelines)

More than just a few of us on this sub were pronouncing that smaller autos fetch overtaking critical more uncomplicated. This graph doesn’t embody the recent generation of autos, nevertheless I mediate that, with the knowledge in hand, it is far a mettlesome assumption.

For sure, an excellent deal of things came about in these years. Soiled air grew to change into gradually worse, refuelling was provided and banned, DRS and Pirelli came in, etcetera. Alternatively, if width was such a chief part I’ll maybe maybe well ask its effects to be extra seen.

Yes, overtakes had been drastically reduced in 2017, true when width was increased again (though it is far not on this graph), nevertheless that was the edifying regulation exchange as adversarial to the 1994 picket plank that increased turbulences in a single day. Which have to have a sexy critical carry out on overtaking by itself, with out wanting dimensions to negate it. May maybe perhaps furthermore the simpler width have made it worse? Per chance. Is it glaring? No.

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