Quotes About Kimmy – What Famous Formula One World Names Have Said About Kimmy Räikkönen…

“Frankly, Kimi is the best driver in the world.”

Stirling Moss

»I saw him drive in Mugell. I watched him and evaluated his times and realized he could be a champion. He will make mistakes, but everyone will. ”

“I'm not afraid of Kimmy, but he is definitely one of the strongest competitors I have faced.”

Michael Schumacher

»Räikkönen's ability to conceptualize three-dimensional space is completely beyond this world. His test results are remarkable, in fact the best I've ever seen. “

Dr. Aki Hints

»He is a genuine and honest guy. I have always loved it, both as a driver and as one outside the cockpit; always remains the same in the challenging world of Formula One. “

Jean Todt

“I noticed that the same quality that attracted me to Kimmy – his steel determination – was the reason I lost him.”

Peter Sauber


“People have different opinions about Kim, but he doesn't care what they are. Instead, he has the ability to focus solely on driving a race car. “

Designate Arnall

“They say he's a cool man, but when he became 2007 in the last race of the year winner of the World Cup, I saw him cry. “

Andrea Stella

“Kimi is more relaxed than Michael and less burdened with technical details. Introducing the new piece, Kimi will say, 'Let's throw it up and see what happens.' “Michael would like to know what the simulator tests showed. With Kimi, what you see is also what you get: you never play games. But on the track, he’s mentally very strong. It does not release under pressure. “

Chris Dyer

»I saw in his eyes. I looked him in the eye and thought I had seen that look somewhere. And I know where I've seen this look before. I got a curry complexion when I remembered that look. He was Senna. “

Sergio Rinland

“It's not political, it's completely direct – what you see with Kimmy is what you get. On top of that, everyone knows the driver is the winner. I think it was technically an understatement. He is a very good runner. “

Martin Whitmarsh

»It is immediately noticed that he can drive a car, no doubt he is a very good driver. He has a natural expertise in racing. See what he has accomplished in Formula 1. He will surely be able to drive fast on the road he knows. He is Finnish, he has grown on slippery surfaces and I am sure he has been playing on them for quite some time. It is logical that he will be as good as other Finnish drivers. “

Sebastien Loeb

»Kimi's performances were stunning. Even Ferrari's engineers do not fully understand how he managed to get some stairs. “

James Allen

“He always had such a great natural feeling that allows him to drive, but still make the most of his tires. The number of fastest laps he's put up speaks for itself. It's a day's experience of God. “

Steve Robertson

“In many decades, we have not seen many times that the best Formula One driver will go to the rally world and vice versa. In that sense, this is unique. I believe that's why Kimi is trying to win the F1 Championship and Rally. “

Keke Rosberg

»You may or may not like it, but it has its own way of life. He does things that he thinks are worth it, and he doesn't try to be popular with everyone. “

Sebastian Vettel

“People get the wrong idea about Kimmy because she doesn't talk much. But he thinks a lot, has a wide heart and is very intelligent. “

JJ Lehto

“Rhythm, courage, judgment and confidence … has everything.”

Jonathan Legard

“Not the kind of person who can easily give you his friendship and does not share intimacy. And yet I had a very good relationship with Raikkonen, very professional. We always helped each other at work. “

Felipe Massa

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