No subject the model you wander this, reverse grid is an fully ridiculous thought. And honestly, even in some Arrangement-E model system with groups. This is to this point-off from the spirit of Arrangement One. I feel it is even a shame that it used to be merely put ahead as an thought and never discarded dazzling away.

Reverse gris is even worse than the ballast thought within the Schum Era. Shum too sturdy ? Build ballasts on his car.

OK, so of us whinge that there’s simply too mighty domination in F1. Welll then regulate to some other sequence. F1 has steadily been take care of that. And honestly, I style of take care of it take care of that. Per chance Mercedes’ domination is a runt mighty, silent. I generally snarl my chums they might be able to need to personal in thoughts the season and its evolution take care of some style of “single lengthy go”. You see the ranks altering, you see who is recovering, who can personal a shot subsequent go (subsequent season, you sse). F1 is a sport of patience, lengthy photographs, 3d chess and all.

Stop the gimmicks. Honest…. cease it. The qualifying structure because it is is dapper icy. The go structure is dapper icy. Mercedes is doing the appropriate job, and they dominate. This optimistic raises the bar, the expectations mighty extra. That is the game. There isn’t this kind of thing as a pity in F1. Am I staring at IndyCar are Nascar? Nope. Why? I personal to silent , it is dapper thrilling and also you never know who will carry, especially since they carry the tempo car out every time any individual sneezes within the stands. But no, I gaze F1, and I take care of it take care of that.

God damn it that reverse grid factor makes me upset.

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