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5 sides · 18 minutes ago

One more entertaining reality, Kimi came very stop to winning the championship in 2003 with easiest 1 protect, simply bask in Keke Rosberg did in 1982.

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2 sides · 16 minutes ago · edited 5 minutes ago

What occurred then? Ferrari become sooner? reliability points?

Edit: In 2003

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Kimi Räikkönen

Celebrated Poster1 point · 16 minutes ago

Yup, despite the reality that I take into accout the finest come he might perchance also’ve received in 2003 become if his engine didn’t blow up in Nurburgring when he become main, which doubtlessly would’ve made it 2 wins for him in 2003

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1 point · 6 minutes ago

That MP4-20 is a piece of art. GOAT F1 automobile.

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