(Motorsport-Total.com) – The fact that they had to put the alarm clock much earlier in the night on Sunday was probably the biggest inconvenience for many Formula One followers at home. Typhoon Hagibis has brought with it. Because driving on Saturday was out of the question, qualifying was held on Sunday morning before the race – in Germany it was three in the morning.

Schutzarbeiten vor Hagibis


Formula 1 had to protect itself from Typhoon Hagibis in Suzuka Zoom Get

In Suzuka, of course, the effects of the typhoon were a lot bigger. Formula One had to work almost a miracle to make sure that the first-charge prize could not only be transferred but held at all – a second time after a sudden mark in Hockenheim .

Even before the weekend it was clear that Hagibis will influence the event in any way. How and for how long was not fixed. Only with time did it become clear that high winds and floods could be dangerous. Thus, not only the motion on the track in danger, but above all the facilities – such as the in-house transmission center of Formula 1

Without Transmission is fine

Without the systems, TV pictures can not be broadcast around the world, and presumably no race could have taken place, because many systems are important for delivering one First-rate Prix are – about the timekeeping. A damage could not risk the formula 1.


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Without the Formula 1 control center, here in Singapore, nothing works Zoom (***************************************************)

“If it there's no TV broadcast, a race does not make much sense, “says tech chief Andrew James. “There are so many things going on here, we're making the detection for early starts (a theme in Suzuka) and speed in the pit lane, onboard shots, timing, everything – that would have all been compromised. “

On Thursday night it looked as if you had to break down the whole transmission center, stow away all the tools somewhere safe and then rebuild it when the threat is over.

nullified after the latest update. After the typhoon, there would not be enough time to rebuild the transmission center. “At eight o'clock in the morning we had a meeting and it was clear to me that we would not have time to build if we were going to mine it,” James says.

“And I knew We had to protect ourselves from the weather, and the only way we were in was to get it into a garage, I knew we could not deliver, so we had to find another way, “James said

In an email, he emphasized the seriousness of the situation and was able to set some processes in motion. He and his crew worked on the track and the FIA ​​on a solution. James should find a dwelling for the complete Formula 1 field material. We are talking about eleven technology containers full of tools and workstations for (************************************************************) tons of field material.

Transfer structure had to move into something more robust – and the most obvious place on the track was a garage. However, nothing seemed to be free there. But with a bit of clearing work a little space could be found.


“We had help from the FIA,” says James. “They cleaned up their garage, and we moved our camera workstation (next door), which helped us to remove the separation between the two garages.”

So there was one Place, but the Herculean task was yet to come. 1.5 days is usually necessary to build the tools in the transmission center. In five or six hours it is dismantled again – but that was too much this time.

Sportwart in Suzuka im Regen 2017

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It was not the first time that the Suzuka qualifying was postponed Sportwart in Suzuka im Regen 2017 Zoom Get

“Friday afternoon at (************************************************************) clock we started with the dismantling – and everyone was there, “James explains. “We had a fantastic group, and everyone knew changed into as soon as he did.”

Within two and a half hours, all the field material had been mined, then you had to put it in create and wire the garage. “It took eight and a half hours between switching off at the top and turning on the garage – unbelievable – it was only possible thanks to the people who knew exactly how to change into as soon as they had to.”

Chief Technology Officer: “Please do not do it again” *********************************************************************************************************************************************************. The work was done at 3 o'clock to make sure that the temperatures in the garage are not getting too hot.

When it was clear that everything was working, the systems were shut down and the garage sealed for the typhoon. 5 o'clock on Sunday the crew drove up the systems again and went through the Verify procedures at 8 o'clock. Thus, one was ready for the qualifying-birth at (************************************************************************)

That the followers at home have not noticed anything, is a great success for the Group. And although it has been shown what speed you can work with, this is not going to be a habit for James: “I told Skedaddle (Carey) on Sunday morning,” laughs James. “He said, 'Intestine done!' And I replied, 'But please do not expect us to do that at every race.' “

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