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Sebastian Vettel


3 hours within the past

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So unparalleled that there had been two American F1 teams known as “Haas”.

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15 points · 1 hour within the past

Wait till you hear about Lotus…

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Lando Norris

1 point · 12 minutes within the past

Wasn’t the 80’s workforce additionally owned by Gene in some arrangement? I know he’s speed racing teams for loads of years so I would assumed that used to be his too

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It’s now not uncommon to that Haas. It used to be the font Cosworth-Ford musty on all their engine covers within the 80s and 90s.



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Jacques Villeneuve

16 points · 3 hours within the past

Little bit of F1, little bit of NASCAR

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Ayrton Senna

6 points · 3 hours within the past

Steiner the time traveller. ?

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Pirelli No longer easy

4 points · 3 hours within the past

Completely different haas

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Alexander Albon

1 point · 3 hours within the past

Is that one packing a Ford Engine?

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Sure, Ford Cosworth used to be a indispensable, indispensable engine dealer within the V10 generation and somewhat within the V8 generation

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Brendon Hartley

1 point · 2 hours within the past

More imaginative than the most up-to-date set apart tbh.

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How is it similiar again?

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