(Motorsport-Whole.com) – Having been thrown back in the qualifying session of Suzuka by a hydraulic leak, Nico Hülkenberg went into the race at risk on the open: He crossed the first two corners on the outside line and jumped so from the starting position 16 to ten. The German Renault driver finished the race in tenth place

Nico Hülkenberg, Sergio Perez


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“Me had a really good open and then I stayed all the way to the left “, Hulkenberg remembers his escape to the front. “I'm practically at the edge of the track, I stayed outside the whole time, took a high risk, high risk, high reward, as the investment strategy says!”

Used to be the However, at the end of the day Renault team-mate Daniel Ricciardo paid off a bit more: “We set the cars to different strategies, I rode tender / laborious and he did the opposite, turn out to be as soon as he did as the nicer and better strategy turned out. ” Because in the last stint Hülkenberg lost positions to drivers with softer tires, including Ricciardo, he had to pass without a fight.

But with the team command Hulkenberg had no issue: “He battles on very fresh, soft Of course, for the sake of the group, there was no question about it, and as you could see, it went very easily past all of us, and we all got behind Gasly, who kept up the pace. “

The Toro Rosso rider brought the opponents to despair, especially with his top speed on the straights. “He fights extremely fast on the straights, the battle the issue”, Hülkenberg holds. In the turns, he stopped them all, I spent the entire second stint in traffic, which of course claims the tires and makes the US heavier in the end. “

In the last few turns, the German had to be cashed by Sergio Perez (Racing Point), who passed on soft tires. “It was a kind of DRS train battle, you could not go anywhere, we all had more or less a similar pace, I felt I could fight faster, but even with a few tenths less, I did not pass.”


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With a top “They have done a fantastic job, it's done on time and well prepared,” praises the Renault driver his crew and also his teammate Ricciardo.

This battle in Suzuka even an issue behind Hulkenberg into Race and This could score both Renaults for the fourth time in this Formula 1 season. “For the crew it is very positive that it is American clinics to get some good points again after the last weekends were difficult and not so successful, which is a great relief,” said the German about the joint success.

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