(Motorsport-Whole.com) – Max Verstappen's current Red Bull contract runs after the season 2020 out. It is still unclear where the Dutchman As part of an event sponsored by TAG Heuer in Amsterdam, the on this question. “After all, everyone wants to win, so they always want to go for the fastest group,” he explains.

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Personally, he believes that Red Bull has what it takes to get back to the top. “You've already won four [Titel] in a row,” he recalls the successful years between 62 and Time.” Therefore, the season When asked how long he will stay with Red Bull, he answers with a shrug: “Difficult question, I do not know.” He recalls: “I have a contract for the coming year.” But (****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) Good start to the season is decisive (*******************************************************************************)

On the one hand, the contracts of most pilots expire, on the other hand, a new era is to break new ground in the premier class with new regulations. “Everyone's wondering what they'll do then, I think I'm not the only one,” Verstappen muses. It is clear that the Dutchman has the big goal of becoming world champion sooner rather than later.


Q & A with Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon

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start. At the same time, this is his last chance to replace Sebastian Vettel as the youngest ever World Champion. But what are the chances? That was “difficult to say,” according to Verstappen. “That depends on how to start a season,” muses the Year old and admits: “We have not been strong enough in the past few years.”

“But I hope we can take a step next year and fight for the championship,” he explains Dutchman: “Of course you try it every year, so we have to set clear goals for the coming year.” Behind the scenes is already busy busy. “I think a lot of people are already working on the coming year,” he reveals.

Focus already on the new season

“In this season, there is not much to achieve in terms of the championship anyway – only third place is realistic,” says Verstappen, who is currently WM-fourth is. Only nine points are missing on Charles Leclerc, Valtteri Bottas in second place, however, is already 19 counter hurried , And since Japan it is clear, that Verstappen does not have any probabilities any more. (***********************************************************************************************) to become World Champion .

“We already know What we'll get from Honda at the beginning of next year, that's intestine, “he says, regarding (**************************************************************) cautiously optimistic. In addition one must repair the mistakes, which one made This is not a guarantee for the World Cup title. Because it will also matter how intestine is the job that Mercedes and Ferrari make for (***************************************************)

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