(Motorsport-Complete.com) – The (*****************************************). November (********************************************************************************************! Michael Schumacher celebrated with the failure in the Massive Prix of Australia his first world title, a new era began. Meanwhile, the controversial season finale (***************************************). Times. Reason for the private broadcaster RTL to devote an entire evening program to the record champion.

On 15. November, the private broadcaster in Cologne becomes prime time 21:

broadcast a documentary about Schumacher. “The Michael Schumacher story” will reopen the events in the fateful year DWDL.de '.

The season struggle for the premier class: first the black Imola weekend with the tragic accidents of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna, then the instant catastrophe with Karl Wendlinger in Monaco. The title fight between Schumacher and Williams driver Damon Hill liberated the Formula 1 again from the shock rigidity.

The German already looked like the big favorite on the title, he glide after ten of (***********************************************************************************************) *********************************************************************************************************************************************************** Hill had to celebrate at least three wins in order to preserve his chances.

Schumacher came to the end of the season increasingly in distress: In Belgium, he lost the victory due to an illegal bottom plate, in Italy and Portugal had expose him to ignoring the Black Flag in the UK.

Photo gallery: Dramatic World Cup decisions (***************************************************************)

the perfectionist from Austria against the English Playboy is something of the Affirm of the World Cup duels, and the suspense of the season 1994 even offered Discipline matter for the big screen. (*************************************************************************) Photo gallery (***********************************************************)


His lead melted to a point together In round The German glide in the lead, but had difficulties with his Benetton. The Williams driver wanted to overtake – but then it crashed.

While Schumacher shook out of the struggle and struggle for his world title, Hill tried with a pit stop to go back into the race. However, the left front suspension was severely damaged. He also could not continue the race, which Schumacher was one point ahead in the world champion.

After the documentation follows to 21: (*************************************************************************) Watch a special edition of “The (******************************************************************************) “with the biggest moments in the career of the seven-time World Champion.

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