(Motorsport-Total.com) – Still not sure who (**********************************) at the side by Max Verstappen in the second Crimson Bull. Alexander Albon currently seems to have the best cards , but a final decision has not yet been made. At an event hosted by Crimson Bull sponsor TAG Heuer in Amsterdam, Verstappen has talked about what he would expect from a teammate.

Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo


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In the second car he wanted “someone who can fight and push me to get even better,” Verstappen explains, revealing, “I think I had this ideal venture with Daniel [Ricciardo]. When I joined the group, of course, I was more of a rookie, and he had been there for a few years. ” Especially in his early stages he could learn a lot from Ricciardo.

Verstappen came after the first four races of the season 2016 to Crimson Bull, while Ricciardo has been racing there since the beginning “At one point it was difficult for him because we were so close together all the time,” Verstappen recalls, explaining that a strong team-mate is ultimately “also very important to the Group.”

“You want someone who works in the same direction at the location-up and wants the same things from the car as you do,” says the Dutchman, explaining: “Then you can develop the car a lot better And then you can let the cars on Friday run different programs, if you can count on the fact that both drivers provide the correct information. “

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“These things are important to me, but also to the Group,” says Verstappen. While the collaboration with Ricciardo worked well, Verstappen explains that rookie Albon may need some more time to grow into this role. “It's his first year in Formula One because you can not expect him to work great right away, including feedback and stuff like that,” says Verstappen.

” But so far, everything is going well, “he says, satisfied with his new team-mate. Ricciardo left the Group at the beginning of this season in the direction of Renault. He was replaced in the first half of the season by Pierre Gasly, but after the Frenchman failed to reach top results he was replaced by Albon for the summer break.

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