FIE President and good friend Michael Schumacher Jean Todt recently revealed that despite his poor health, the legendary German racer is still watching Formula One racing in his home country of Switzerland.

The legendary German racer is still recovering from a severe ski accident of the year 2013, and his health is still attain today remains a closely guarded secret.

Schumacher's former boss and good friend Jean Todt is one of the few people to visit the seven-time World Champion at the home of the Schumacher family in Swiss Gland.

The Frenchman, who recently revealed that he visits Schumacher several times a month, has revealed that communication with the German is severely restricted due to his medical condition, and they are still viewing Formula One racing transmissions at the same time hopes he and Schumacher will also be able to watch the F1 race live.

Todt told Radio Monte-Carlo:

“I am always careful with such statements, but I can confirm that. Michael and I watched his Formula 1 race together at his home. I hope and wish we could see the F1 race live soon too. Michael is in the best of hands and his family cares extremely well for him. Of course, our friendship is no longer the same as it used to be, because the communication is fundamentally different, but Michael is fighting back. ”

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