(Motorsport-Total.com) – Former Haas title sponsor Rich Vitality has ushered in the next round of medial relegation to the Formula One team: Shortly after the premature termination of the contract in the season 2019, the energy drink manufacturer wrote on Twitter that it has received word that Haas is negotiating with investors from the Arab world through a sale of the racing team.

William Storey


William Storey

Rich Vitality spearhead William Storey taunted Haas again Zoom Procure

After being confronted with these allusions battle, Haas team principal Günther Steiner simply said: “I do not know, used to be me I wish the investors good luck, I do not even know them. “

Steiner then clarified:” The team is not for sale f. ” So you can not give much to the posting of Rich Vitality. “It's one of those tweets again, and I do not answer such tweets,” says Steiner. That's not our style. “

By the way, Rich Vitality has deleted the corresponding tweet, as well as all other tweets submitted before October 1 2019 had been discontinued. In mid-October, there was a rationale for taking this step: they disconnected the short messages because of a “legal agreement with a competitor.”

In the weeks and months prior to October 1, William Storey was the founder and CEO of Rich Vitality drove a veritable smear campaign against Haas and called the Formula One car, among other things as a “milk car” so that the brand Storey relieved of his leadership and apologized for the done “PR fiasco”.

Storey himself had announced before the United Kingdom Gargantuan Prix, his company had terminated the sponsorship agreement with Haas. The denial followed immediately. Before the race in Singapore, the separation was finally officially sealed. The chapter is completed but apparently only for Haas.

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