Fernando Alonso has responded critically to calls for the urgency of a vegan diet recently addressed to people by Lewis Hamilton. The Spaniard accuses the current Formula One World Champion of duplicity.

In the recent period, Lewis Hamilton has been extremely active on the social network Instagram, where the British express their dissatisfaction with the world we live in. Hamilton is convinced that we can only save the world from collapse with a vegan diet that he recommends to all his fans.

The British calls, however, to his former rival Fernand Alons, seem two-faced:

“I would never have posted such a message myself. It is strange that you call people okay with certain actions, but you are doing something completely different yourself. We all know what Lewis's lifestyle is, and at the same time F1 racers also make 200 flights a year. You can't just tell people not to eat meat but enjoy luxury alone. It's just a double-faced. “

Lewis Hamilton: Vegan Diet is the Only Way to Save Our Planet

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