(Motorsport-Total.com) – Max Verstappens current contract runs at the end of the Formula 1 season 2020 out. At Crimson Bull, it's no secret that you really want to extend your stay with the Dutchman. But he stressed recently, that he is not in a hurry with regard to his future . No wonder, after all, the (***********************************************************************************************************************************************!

Christian Horner, Max Verstappen


Christian Horner would like to keep Max Verstappen above (*****************************************************************) Zoom Uncover therefore, it will take many months before Verstappen could sign a new contract. “The contracts of Max, Lewis [Hamilton] and Sebastian [Vettel] all end “, he recalls and explains:” Everyone will wait and see how the Efficiency of their respective Groups develops during the coming year. “

It It is therefore unlikely that any of the three top pilots will extend their contract early, possibly even before the launch of the coming season. It is clear, however, that other groups are likely to extend their sense of Verstappen. But Horner confidently states with regard to a contract extension: “We have it in our own hands.”

“He is very happy with the team environment “He wants to achieve his ambitions here, and it's up to us to provide him with a platform that allows him to do that, and I'm confident we can,” said Horner. Max's father Jos Verstappen sounded a bit different recently. He took Crimson Bull publicly in the duty before “another lost year”. “Max is a very different particular person than his father, he sees the big picture,” Horner relativizes these statements a little and reveals: “He was [vor Suzuka] in Sakura and saw, became as soon as [von Honda] will come.” Verstappen was able to personally convince himself in Japan of Honda's dedication to the project and Formula 1. “I think that 'Racing Dads' are sometimes a little too excited,” said Horner.

Compared to 'Ziggo' had ex-Formula 1-driver Jos Verstappen said among other things: “[Max] does everything, became as soon as he is in his power.” But it's not up to him, and that's what makes it so difficult. Put him in a good car, and he's going for the championship, we've been with Crimson Bull for a few years now and it does not look like we could fight for the World Cup next year. “

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