(Motorsport-Total.com) – The duty is done, now follows the freestyle for Mercedes. In Japan, the Silver Arrows secured already four races before the end of the season both world titles . Team boss Toto Wolff, however, assures that Mercedes will not let the season “As a crew, we do not take future success for granted, which is why we soon started our usual race preparation to Japan again,” he reveals.

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Can Mercedes in Mexico for the first time since 2017 win again? Zoom Download

“We know that the four races are not going to be easy and we expect Mexico to be the toughest for usadas,” said Wolff. In fact, the statistics do not necessarily speak for the Silver Arrows. Although you could the first two races after the Mexico comeback in the years 620 and 2016 win. 2017 and 2018 won over Pink Bull driver Max Verstappen.

“The altitude of the track gives usavor some unusual challenges,” explains Wolff, adding: “The low air density affects the downforce, cooling and engine performance of the car – this combination is not very good for our vehicle, but we will do our utmost to limit the damage. ” Can not the W (***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************)

Formula 1 Technique: The Mercedes Updates in Japan

Mercedes has the W (***************************************************) in Suzuka once again missed a small change. Previously, the bolide has been more or less unchanged since the summer break. Further Formula 1 videos

Indeed, Mercedes had to fight this year once with major cooling problems. In Spielberg you could not fight for victory because the heat did not get well there. Later, however, there was a upgrade , and since then, the silver arrows in this area have not had much of a problem. Meanwhile, the momentum is back on the Mercedes side.

With three wins in a row Ferrari was much better from the summer break, but last in Russia and Japan Mercedes won again. “We look forward to the fight and the amazing Mexican spectators who show their love for racing, which makes the weekend a real motorsport festival,” says Wolff.

could also decide the fight in the driver's World Cup between Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas already next weekend. Hamilton is currently 14 counter in front of his teammate. If he gets at least (********************************************************) more than Bottas, Hamilton crowns himself prematurely on Sunday for the sixth time Formula 1 World Champion.

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