Just before the start of the race weekend in Mexico, the FIA ​​announced that Renault had been disqualified from the results of the past Grand Prix of Japan in Suzuki, and Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg were disqualified for violating technical regulations.

The FIA ​​has seized the steering wheel and control electronics after a race for the GP of Japan in Suzuki following suspicion of irregularities, which were the subject of a thorough analysis by which the commission decided to take Daniel Ricciard and Nice Hulkenberg disqualifies from race results.

After finishing the race for the GP of Japan in Suzuki, Racing Point filed an official boom on 12 . parties against both Renault racers who allegedly violated FIE technical regulations when racing using an automatic braking system.

Immediately after the race, the FIE commissioners called for a defense, as Racing Point suspected that Renault was racing in Suzuki with an automatic brake control system that was supposed to vary according to the amount of fuel.

Commissioners have found that Renault has discovered an innovative solution that helps racers to brake, and the French team system allows the racer to make a smaller number of wheel alignment when driving through curves. Renault has thus identified a specific hole in the policy, which the FIA ​​has identified as an unauthorized aid to the racer, which is contrary to the article 27. 1 sports policy.

Daniel Ricciardo will thus lose sixth place, while Nico Hulkenberg will remain without the point he won by 10. city. Disqualifying Renault racers was the most earned by Racing Point racers Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll, who finished eighth and ninth, respectively.

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