Questions about the legality of the Ferrari powertrain, which F1 teams have addressed to the FIO, could be an attempt to expose the Ferrari secrets in their response to the International Automobile Association.

Ferrari has taken a major step forward with its powertrain this season, and with great progress, Scuderia has certainly aroused great interest from competing teams.

According to Motorsport.com, several F1 teams have asked Fio questions regarding the operation of the Ferrari powertrain.

A GPS analysis of the German AMuS recently revealed that Ferrari has taken an additional step forward with the third powertrain specification, and Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel are expected to have additional 55. horsepower, which in some tracks is expected to fetch as much as eight dozen per lap.

In the meantime, because of Ferrari's dominance on the plains, competing teams have repeatedly raised suspicions of possible irregularities, and have now referred their concerns to the FIE leadership.

None of the teams has yet to file a formal protest against Ferrari, which raises suspicions that the competition, through the FIA's replies, would want to find out some secret of the Ferrari drive unit.

The FIA ​​has not yet provided the required answers, and the latest known view is that the Ferrari powertrain complies with the rules.

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