(Motorsport-Total.com) – Four races are in the Formula 1 season 2019 still to drive, and Renault missing in the World Cup current 620 points on McLaren. If you want to displace your own customer team from fourth place, and thus reach your own season goal, McLaren must now take on average more than eight points per race. Not an easy task, but Daniel Ricciardo still does not want to give up the fight for P4.

Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz


Renault does not want to give up in the fight against Renault Zoom Obtain

“Now we want to take some momentum to Mexico with the goal being to be better than McLaren and get more points than them to keep up the pressure,” said the Australian, who was last in Suzuka sixth. “Our results were a bit disappointing before, so we earned the result in Japan,” said Ricciardo, for whom it was “a pretty crazy weekend” wrestle.

In qualifying, he and team-mate Nico Hulkenberg landed only on the positions But in the race, both went into the points. “We are pretty happy to have left Japan”, confirmed the German, the tenth was . “It's important that we score well in Mexico again, and the season is now in the crucial half,” said Hulkenberg, for whom it could be his last Formula One race for the time being.

Hulkenberg and Ricciardo with good memories

he loses his Renault cockpit to Esteban Ocon . He will want to say goodbye to the French with good results, and he has good memories of Mexico. He became sixth here Team-mate Ricciardo even went for the pole-suppose last year, at that time for Red Bull. But the Australian knows that he has to set smaller goals this year.


Why Hulkenberg has to go to Renault

Nico Hülkenberg has to leave his cockpit at Renault in Formula 1 Edd Straw and Scott Mitchell discuss how it happened Further Formula 1 Movies

“If we can do it in Q3 and be in the midfield this weekend, that would be pretty good,” said Ricciardo. Motor boss Remi Taffin recalls: “Mexico is a unique challenge in the season.” In 2. (********************************************************************) meters high, the air is much less dense. ” As a result, the cars produce less downforce and air cooling is lower than on other circuits.

Therefore you will not be able to run the engine at maximum power. An experience Renault (*******************************************************************************) *************************************************************************************************************************************************** Also (**********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************) already exceeded . Griddraws are threatened with another change.

Mexico for all groups “Damage Control”

“We have to get by in the remaining races, used to be we have. We have older specifications for Friday and the newest for Saturday and Sunday,” explains Taffin. Further changes are at least not planned anymore. He also confidently states: “In recent years we have been relatively competitive here.” 2017 and 2017 Max Verstappen won in Mexico – each with Renault-Energy in the rear.

moved on the level of Monaco, “reveals Taffin. The thinner air makes this possible without causing too much air resistance. In the end, however, all groups in Mexico are concerned with “damage limitation”. Not the best way to rebuild pressure on McLaren in the World Cup.

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