Just before the start of the race weekend in Mexico, the FIA ​​announced that Renault was disqualified from the results of the past race for the GPs in Suzuki, and Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg were left without points .

Following the disqualification, they also responded to the Renault team, claiming that they were aware of the FIE decision, while stressing that in their view their innovative braking system was legal and compliant, but do not intend to appeal, as the process at the FIE sports tribunal is already doomed to failure and consequently a waste of time.

Commissioners have found that Renault has discovered an innovative solution that helps racers to brake, and the French team system allows the racer to make a smaller number of wheel alignment when driving through curves. Renault has thus identified a specific hole in the policy, which the FIA ​​has identified as an unauthorized aid to the racer, which is contrary to the article 27. 1 sports policy, while the system at issue does not contradict the technical rules.

Renault said in a press release:

'We regret the FIA's decision and in particular the severity of the sanction applied. In our view, the penalty is not commensurate with any benefit that racers receive, especially when used under a system that is completely legal and innovative. “

'The penalty is also inconsistent with previous sanctions for similar infringements, as acknowledged by the Commissioners in their decision. However, since we have no new evidence other than the ones already prepared to prove the legality of our system, we do not want to file additional time and effort in a sterile hearing before the International Court of Appeal on subjective assessment and, consequently, sanctions related to assistance that reduces the workload of drivers without improving the performance of the car.

“So we decided not to appeal the FIE decision.

»Formula 1 will always be the venue for relentlessly finding the fewest possible competitive advantage . We have always done this and will continue to do so, though with more thoughtful internal processes, before innovative solutions are presented on the track. “

… that the gadget was as soon as fully authorized beneath the FIA ​​Technical Regulations, it was as soon as judged by the stewards that the gadget was as soon as in breach of the FIA ​​Carrying Regulations regarding driver motivate. Each Renault vehicles… [2/4]

– Renault F1 Crew (@ RenaultF1Team) October , 2019

Renault released by former Hulkenberg engineer who made the move to Racing Point

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