A Renault team disqualified from a race result in Japan due to a disputed braking system is said to have been released by a former employee who transferred to Racing Point in the summer.

Shortly before the start of the race weekend in Mexico, the FIA ​​announced that Renault had been disqualified from the results of the past race for the GPs in Suzuki due to a breach of technical regulations, and Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg remain without points, which they won in Suzuki.

After finishing the race for the GP of Japan, Suzuki's Racing Point filed an official philosophize on 12. parties against both Renault racers who allegedly violated FIE technical regulations when racing using an automatic braking system. According to German AMuS, the secret is said to have been given to Rainch Point by former engineer Nice Hulkenberg, who went to Racing Point in the summer.

The Canadian team is supposed to have known about the Reanault secret after the Monza race, and the abolish at this time do not know why they decided to appeal until after the race for the GP of Japan in Suzuki.

STATEMENT: @ RenaultF1Team acknowledges the resolution of the Stewards of the #JapaneseGP relating to the philosophize by @ RacingPointF1 relating to the legality of Renault F1 Team's braking plan all the plan via the Eastern Gigantic Prix.

Despite the FIA ​​concurring with Renault… [1/4]

– Renault F1 Team (@ RenaultF1Team) October 23,

Commissioners found that Renault has discovered an innovative solution that helps racers to brake, and the French team system allows the racer to make a smaller number of wheel alignment when driving through corners. Renault has thus identified a specific loophole in the policy, which, however, has been identified by the FIA ​​as unauthorized assistance to the racer, contrary to Article 27.

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