Charles Leclerc reveals that he is considering different options to further improve his form, and one option is the vegan diet practiced by Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton acknowledged that one of the ways in which he seeks to gain an edge over rivals is through appropriate dieting. Since becoming vegan, he has been feeling healthier and happier, as fresh and unprocessed foods give him psychological strength.

As he revealed in a conversation with Reuters, Charles Leclerc is also considering changing his diet:

“I'm not vegan, but I'm also thinking about this option. In the area of ​​nutrition, I want to achieve the optimum ratio that will be most appropriate for me. I am currently thinking about different programs, and one of the options is veganism. Hamilton is a very good example of excellence in fitness, though not all racers agree with it. I'll choose what works best for me. “

Lewis Hamilton: Vegan Diet is the Only Way to Save Our Planet

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