(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Is Ferrari all right? That's what the competition has been asking for a while now. An appropriate request was made to the FIA ​​. At up to 0.8 seconds to the energy advantage of the red amount. This is strange to the rivals, including Max Verstappen. The Dutchman casts doubt on Ferrari dominance.

Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen calls the Ferrari-Energy “crazy” Zoom Salvage

The Advantage of Ferrari on the straights. He is therefore of the opinion that the Scuderia in Mexico will have the nose ahead – and thus his winning streak (620 and 2017).

“Ferrari has been gaining more and more energy during the season which, frankly, is very difficult to beat, even if you have a car is half a second faster, you can beat them in qualifying impossible. “, Verstappen doubts.

That could be observed at Mercedes. Although the silver arrows are in the possession of the best package on the track, nevertheless Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas is missing a little Mosey in qualifying. “The speed advantage of Ferrari is crazy.”

Crimson Bull has no answer to where Ferrari has found so much energy. “No, otherwise we would have done that with our engine a long time ago, of course we're trying to win Energy, but the deficit is really big.” In contrast, the Honda drive against Mercedes and Renault would perform well.

“United states does not miss that much.” Of course, Mercedes usually drives with more downforce than we do, but we are very close to them, at least that's a good achievement. ” Lewis Hamilton has also expressed concern that this year Ferrari will probably not beat in Mexico


The conspiracy theories around the mystical Ferrari energy left Charles Leclerc cold. The Monegasse believes that behind the discussions about the legality of his drive is only the attempt to destabilize the team. In Maranello, you do not worry.

In a letter to the FIA ​​after the weekend in Japan, several groups have wondered about the legality of the Ferrari concept and therefore asked for clarity. It should go above all to the transmission oil cooler and the energy recovery system. These two areas should be the key to the red power advantage.

Leclerc is not worried, however, as no official Utter has been submitted. “Of course, if a team is doing an intestine, then everyone is trying to hold on to small things and destabilize the team.” This does not happen through this debate, he emphasizes.

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