Four-time Formula One World Champion Alain Prost believes conflicts between Ferrari racers will be even greater in the future, and Scuderia's leadership is facing a difficult task, as a possible feud between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel could threaten to fight for the title World Champion of the Season 2020.

Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have been involved in minor conflicts several times so far this season, with former Ferrari racer and Formula One legend Alain Prost convinced that the rivalry between them will only intensify.

The Frenchman told BFM TV:

“Ferrari leadership is facing a difficult task. Based on his reputation, Vettel expected the situation of the first runner on the team, which changed with Leclerc's excellent performances. I think the situation will only get worse. It is clear that Ferrari will have a great car in the off-season 2020, and with a possible dispute between the racers, they could jeopardize the fight for the World Cup title. “

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