(Motorsport-Total.com) – Robert Kubica is in contact with the Haas crew and could be there 222804 as Take a look at and development pilot. Team boss Günther Steiner confirmed talks, Kubica itself, however, is less pleased with the offer. He wants to race, he stresses.

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Robert Kubica wants to race and has little desire for simulator work Zoom Web

“Yes, we speak, we talked to him about the role of the test driver in our crew”, confirms Günther Steiner. “We have yet to develop the simulator, we are already well on the way, but we still have to take the next step and he is one of the most qualified riders to make it.”

Therefore, the US crew discussed with the Pole. Especially his wealth of experience impresses Steiner. Especially due to the developmental difficulties this season, one wants to be able to rely on a strong take a look at and development pilot 2020. “We really have to improve united states.”

Kubica about Steiner: “Maybe he dreams of me!”

After all, Haas does not want to waste another year in which one actually has a strong basic package, but does not get the tires into the temperature window. “We have to prevent that.” However, Kubica does not seem to be particularly pleased with the offer. The (***************************************************************************************************************************************************) “He spoke about me?”, Asks Kubica the journalists after the statements of Haas team principal Steiner. “Ah, maybe he's dreaming of me, but I do not want him to,” jokes the veteran. At least there have been moves in recent weeks, Kubica can confirm.

“As time is ticking, you have to come closer to a conclusion, but it will take a little more time It works well, but it looks okay, I think. ” Although not everything is decided, yet he is on the right track.

As for once the Haas offer, he specifies: “I think I was very clear in Singapore I want to race and as far as I know, Günther is not able to offer me this station. ” For him, a racing cockpit has priority.

There are other options to stay involved in Formula One. As a simulator driver, he would not spend much of his time on a real racetrack that he could not imagine. “I do not see myself in a darkened room where I make turns in the simulator, I do not rule it out, but at least I have to combine that with another activity.”

That's why the decision-making currently still on. “Because all the puzzle pieces have to be put together first – and they have to fit together, it's not that easy.” Maybe Kubica could get a few Friday missions at Haas.

Steiner does not rule out Friday missions

“To do a good job in the simulator, you also need time in the car, otherwise you can only do your job to a certain extent, you need to know what used to be in reality. ” Steiner is not averse to Friday missions.

“If it works, a simulator driver needs time in the car to check that the correlation is correct and to know what the car actually does.” How many Friday missions Kubica would receive is not certain yet. “I can not say that yet, we'll talk about that, the deal is not over yet.”

Basically, the Pole wants to spend as much time as possible on the track. “It's always difficult to cancel a Formula 1 likelihood, but it all depends on the options.” He had learned in his life, however, not to look too far forward, because you finally never know, used to be happen.

“It's better to focus on the immediate Of course I would like a little bit of stability. ” Therefore, he does not exclude a commitment in another series. “That would take a little time to get used to it, but of course, if there is a likelihood in F1, that's a simple answer.”

At Haas's Pietro Fittipaldi is currently employed as a replacement and test pilot. How would a potential Kubica engagement affect the grandson of legend's grandson Emerson Fittipaldi? “We need more than one particular person for this job, and this year we also had two with Louis [Deletraz] and Pietro.”

Steiner will be in an assembly on Mexico's weekend Fittipaldi at a table to talk about his future plans. he was in the DTM he is not yet confirmed. A Friday practice in Brazil seems unlikely.

“We need the time for the crew to understand as much as possible and prepare united states for the race.” Fittipaldi would at least qualify for a Friday super license.

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