Lewis Hamilton has responded to the allegations made by Fernando Alonso, who recently condemned Britain's calls for greater environmental awareness and labeled them two-faced. While acknowledging that being a F1 racer is not the best model, the Briton nevertheless believes it can make people aware of the effects of climate change.

After recently calling his followers on Instagram okay, the Hamilton vegan diet has been met with criticism, and his former rival Fernando Alonso has been condemned by Britain's duplicity.


The current Formula One World Champion answered the allegations at a press conference before the race for the GP of Mexico.

“I would not feel well if I did not share with the world what I believe. I have changed my lifestyle in recent years and I am trying to be “carbon neutral.” I have sold my plane and am also flying less and less. I do not allow anyone who works in my office or home to buy plastic, but at the same time takes care of recycling all waste. “

At the same time, Hamilton has revealed that it will gradually replace its luxury fleet with more economical car models.

“I really don't want to sell some because I've worked really hard for them. To be fair, I drive them very little, but mostly I use Mercedes electric models. I love Maybach in London, which I really like, but in the near future I will replace him with a hybrid model that honestly will be available soon. All in all, this is not a quick fix, but I am pleased that I have started making changes, to which I invite all my friends. ”

Alonso: Hamilton tells people not to eat meat, but transported by private jet

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