(Motorsport-Entire.com) – There were not only clear reactions to Charles Leclerc's daring maneuver, the infamous 130 R in Suzuka with one hand on the steering wheel.

Charles Leclerc


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Criticism by Martin Brundle, Giedo van der Garde and Max Chilton that Formula One has become too easy, but he does not want to join – at least not entirely.

“It magazine be such that a curve like that “There are many corners that are more difficult today [als damals], and they are faster today and much more challenging.” He does not give an example, however.

Leclerc's on-board camera captured the once-feared super fast left-hander in the final sector of the Suzuka Global Racing Course only with the left hand on the steering wheel drives, because he holds at the same time with the right the damaged left mirror.

Formula 1 expert Martin Brundle commented on the scene: “It makes me sad to see how the is. ” Max Chilton, who and IndyCar drives today, Formula One advised to ban the power steering. He received approval from today's sports car driver Giedo van der Garde.

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