Carlos Sainz: McLaren shows first signs of a top team

( – McLaren has taken center stage in qualifying in Mexico. While Carlos Sainz was ranked seventh, Lando Norris secured the eighth station. Thus, the traditional Formula 1 team consolidated its place as “The Simplest of the Leisure”. Sainz is pleased with his work at McLaren and feels for the first time as if he were part of a top-class team.

Carlos Sainz


Carlos Sainz is proud of the performance of McLaren in Mexico Zoom Catch

Carlos Sainz

“I smile today from ear to ear,” says the Spaniard. “It's the first time this season that we've thought of one of the big teams, we tried to get through the Q2 with middle tires, it's tight because of a slowdown in traffic in the last sector, we did it hasty That's why we almost got the benefit of the yellow tires in the race. “

Sainz praises McLaren's decisions and feels” at home “all weekend in the car. “We dominate the midfield again,” says a delighted Sainz, who nevertheless sees a disadvantage in the race: “It's the Scare on the softs to start, but I'm not disappointed because we tried it, I'm very proud of the team . “

Team-mate Norris is also happy with qualifying performance. The Brit is pushed to his limits by Sainz, which the child really likes: “It's great,” he says. “Carlos is currently doing a trim job.” When asked if he would be annoyed, he replies, “Yes, because he is damn fast! On such a weekend he is one of the best drivers.”

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On Sunday, Norris hopes for a “clean race “to beat Toro Rosso, who was beaten by McLaren in qualifying. In addition, the 19 – year-old believes that the McLaren duo have taken out the must from the cars. “It's the best fight we could get”, Norris is sure.

However, the Briton wants to do even more, just because Sainz got so many perfect races. “I have not found a car that is as good as Carlos's,” says Norris. “When it comes to something, I have not managed to get it all going, I'm happy to be only three-tenths behind him and in front of the Toro Rossos, I'm happy.”

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