1 – Max VERSTAPPEN (Crimson Bull Racing)

2 – Charles LECLERC (Ferrari)

3 – Sebastian VETTEL (Ferrari)


(Conducted by Paul Di Resta)

Q: Max, that’s an lovely pole space on a observe that had Ferrari written over it by manner of high flee. You neglected out on the slim margins closing year however you’ve purchased the job accomplished and given your self the fully probability the next day to come.

Max VERSTAPPEN: Yeah, it’s been moderately a charming day however after all to return out on high change into incredible. Yeah, the old few races we know that Ferrari were undoubtedly quick on the straight however for us to return back admire this and opt pole space here, a gargantuan thanks to the crew for that. They progressively saved pushing very no longer easy. They saved bringing contemporary parts to the auto and it confirmed this day that we are very quick.

Q: Absorb you ever believed all weekend that you’ve had a car pleasant satisfactory for pole space?

MV: Secretly you progressively hope and also you progressively rob pushing. You strive to catch the prison steadiness within the auto and in Q3 that all came collectively.

Q: And the commence the next day to come? We know these Ferraris are quick down the straight, you’ve clearly purchased to protect there however you know what you’ve purchased to catch based on closing year.

MV: Yeah, this can presumably be somewhat varied for me, starting first as a alternative of second on this observe. We’re going to give all of it. Now we have a legitimate flee car anyway so even though something occurs within the commence and we lose a neighborhood I judge we are mild dazzling.

Q: Effectively accomplished Max, fine to gaze you struggling with with the Ferraris. Charles, fully of the remainder I bet. Appeared admire the lap wasn’t going too corrupt until a tiny mistake prison at the pause of the lap on that closing one.

Charles LECLERC: Yeah, the key lap change into moderately pleasant. The second, we tried to put somewhat more steadiness within the auto to have somewhat more entrance, which helped the key sector however then the closing sector change into too tricky and I misplaced the rear, so I misplaced on a typical basis I made up within the key sector. However Crimson Bull change into very quick. Max especially change into extraordinarily quick and the flee is mild lengthy the next day to come.

Q: I bet need to you gape within the gap there, you know you’ve got a high flee revenue on these guys, it is most likely you’ll presumably per chance presumably also mild be having a gape forward to the commence and applying your solution to strive to optimise.

CL: Yeah, positively. The commence will almost certainly be mandatory however the pause flee we have is pleasant so with any luck we can opt revenue of this.

Q: Sebastian, third space, I know you’re going to be disappointed with that. You’ve seemed in pleasant form all weekend, undoubtedly, and also you had been the king of the key sector however it certainly seemed admire you struggled at the pause of the lap?

Sebastian VETTEL: Yeah, I had a mistake on my first toddle, so I change into moderately confident that within the second toddle I might presumably per chance catch up for it. However sadly there change into the double yellow so I had to decelerate. So the lap change into misplaced. However yeah, the auto is pleasant. Clearly I would have cherished to be somewhat additional up, I judge it change into that it is most likely you’ll presumably be ready to assume about. However let’s gaze the next day to come. It’s a lengthy flee and I judge we have the flee, as all weekend we were moderately quick.

Q: You optimised that in Russia, which change into a lengthy toddle to the key braking zone. Attain you continue to evaluate it is most likely you’ll presumably be ready to catch the exchange and catch smartly the next day to come?

SV: We’ll gaze. We hope to have a legitimate commence and then opt it from there. Clearly it’s a lengthy flee, a unparalleled one on brakes, cooling every so often, so let’s gaze. Also with the tyres, I judge this can presumably be moderately an trot the next day to come. I judge all high six cars opted to commence on the medium tyre, so we are in a position to gaze who dares to plug the longest. I’m having a gape forward to the next day to come.


Q: Max, sensational efficiency by you, smartly accomplished. Simply how tricky change into it available within the market to catch the limit in these ever-changing prerequisites?

MV: Effectively, I judge it change into merely since the observe is highly slippery and it’s sophisticated to catch the tyres working within the prison window, so all of it depends to your out lap and all americans is attempting to be halt to every varied and within the closing sector we are progressively slowing down however you then merely hope that your tyres are working for Turn 1. This time it change into all going smartly and from the commence of qualifying the auto change into working admire I wished it to be. Clearly very happy then in Q3 to catch pole.

Q: You mentioned this morning that pole is liable to be a step too some distance. Did the auto exceed your expectations?

MV: Yeah, perchance a miniature bit bit. I judge in contrast to yesterday we even made a step forward, so that’s progressively pleasant, that’s progressively jog, and admire I mentioned sooner than, with the tyres, they had been working smartly this time so that’s pleasant.

Q: Many congratulations and pleasant success for the next day to come. Charles, you’re starting on the entrance row for the sixth consecutive flee. How happy had been you with the efficiency of your Ferrari?

CL: More than happy, especially within the key toddle of Q3, I judge the auto there change into pleasant. Within the second toddle of Q3 I asked for somewhat more entrance and it change into merely too vital for the closing sector, so I misplaced on a typical basis I made up within the key sector. However total Max change into merely too quick this day for us. However the flee is the next day to come. Now we have purchased pleasant straight-line flee, which I am hoping we can opt revenue of initially.

Q: Had been you stunned by the run of the Crimson Bull?

CL: Yes and no. I judge we anticipated them to be solid. After FP3 perchance we belief we had a shot for pole and then in qualifying they had been too quick. So somewhat stunned in qualifying.

Q: Sebastian, coming to you: on pole closing day out in Suzuka, P3 this day. How would you describe your session?

SV: Overall I judge it change into pleasant. However sadly in Q3 on the key toddle I had a mistake and the second toddle I change into caught out by the yellow flags, so yeah, no longer supreme. I didn’t high when it change into time to high within the teachings, especially in Q3. However varied than that, the auto felt pleasant. I judge there change into more in hand. Clearly Max change into an spectacular bit faster than us however I judge with a orderly lap we’d have challenged him.

Q: Attempting forward to the flee, how gargantuan a ingredient will tyre administration be?

SV: Yeah, this can presumably be the largest share of the flee. Clearly we’ll gaze how all the things will get going. I judge all americans opted to commence on the medium tyres. We’ll opt it from there. Clearly it’s a lengthy flee around here.


Q: (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) Max, what catch you judge made the variation here to old races, to have this style of efficiency in qualifying and how honest is it to hit back after about a near misses for the reason that summer destroy?

MV: Yeah, I judge the old few races we were undoubtedly ache after all on straight line flee and on most of the tracks it is most likely you’ll presumably be ready to’t compose satisfactory within the corners in contrast to what you lose on the straights and I judge here it’s mild gargantuan however this observe has very low grip so it’s no longer fully aero, it’s moreover mechanical grip, which is a miniature bit bit more important and pleasant kerb riding and stuff admire that and I judge traditionally our car has progressively been pleasant. We merely made a mistake in Singapore with the placement-up, otherwise I judge we’d were undoubtedly quick there as smartly. For us it didn’t work available within the market. We discovered a lot from it and I judge we came here with a car which change into completely spirited already on the simulator, the put I change into very proud of it and in most cases we didn’t must change too vital on the observe and it change into working.

Q: (Fréd Ferret – l’Equipe) Assign an assert to for all three of you. Attain you judge that the key straight line will almost certainly be as at Sochi and how will you cope with the tow?

MV: Effectively, merely gape at the closing tow year. I bet that claims satisfactory.

CL: Yeah, this time I gained’t be starting on pole, second, so with any luck I will have the ability to opt the tow from Max and have a risk, however yeah, the commence will almost certainly be important for certain.

SV: Nothing so that you can add.

MV: It is most likely you’ll presumably per chance presumably actually have a mega tow.

SV: We’ll gaze.

Q: (Lawrence Edmondson – ESPN) Max, it seemed admire you location a fastest closing sector despite the accident of Bottas. Can you prove whether or no longer you backed off or for americans that had been attentive to it, for americans that saw the yellow flags coming into that nook.

MV: I change into conscious that Valtteri crashed.

Did you back off?

MV: It didn’t undoubtedly gape admire it, did it? No.

Q: (Abhishek Aggarwal – INDIAinF1.com) Sebastian, as we know at this observe, within the total calendar it’s at one of the best elevation above sea-degree – 2.5km – Attain you judge there’ll almost certainly be something admire the thin air changing scheme for the next day to come’s flee – comparing it to varied circuits?

SV: Effectively, it is some distance a gargantuan grief around here due to clearly it’s a truly annoying observe for the auto. First of all we lose loads of downforce despite running the total downforce that we have. So, as Max change into saying, the cars are sliding a lot, very sophisticated to pressure. So, that clearly leads on to tyres and tyre administration. It is going to be very sophisticated to catch the tyres to work and catch the tyres closing. The varied one, clearly, with such thin air up here is to be jog you chilly your complete system similar to brakes, engine, oil. Pretty of all the things.

Q: (Jaap De Groot – Het Parool Amsterdam) Assign an assert to for Max. Starting now on the pole space, contemporary grief based on the scenario at the key turn. The closing year you took a revenue out of it catch the second space. You gaze that moreover as a grief to rob pole space?

MV: We’ll discover the next day to come. I’m no longer too disquieted about it. Within the occasion that they pressure by, it’s dazzling – then we have a legitimate flee.

Q: Yeah, however the closing two races that you gained had been decided within the key turn.

MV: Yep, that’s prison. Let’s catch it somewhat varied this time!

Q: (Christian Menath – motorsport-magazin.com) Assign an assert to for all three of you. Usually you all just like the downforce, you all just like the cornering flee here, it’s moderately varied. We can catch a presentation of the contemporary regulations next weekend. We don’t know precisely what we quiz – however would you be happy to lose somewhat of downforce within the long chase? On sage of for us as a TV viewer it looks moderately spectacular to gaze the cars sliding a lot within the quick corners.

SV: I judge as a one-off it’s fine, so clearly if we lose loads of downforce for the total tracks it might presumably per chance suggest that we lose a lot more up here as smartly. So, yeah, I judge it’s progressively thrilling to have quick cars. I judge of us moreover on the grandstand gaze if the cars are dead, therefore, I judge the fashion to plug against faster cars with the regulations to plug with faster cars from ’17 onwards – however I’m certain that we are all ready to plug a miniature bit bit slower as lengthy as it’s a step forward for all of us by manner of racing. If no longer, then clearly it’s no longer undoubtedly what we need.

MV: Yeah, I judge that the cars are undoubtedly quick within the suggest time and I don’t judge it is most likely you’ll presumably per chance catch a vogue of following in a greater manner with the identical cornering speeds admire we now have, so I judge we catch need to plug somewhat slower however, after all, I catch no longer are searching for to plug four, 5 seconds slower. Perchance two, two-and-a-half of maximum. Stuff admire that. The car will mild be very spectacular thru the corners. And anyway, at any time if you pressure on the limit, it’s progressively very no longer easy, so if it’s going two seconds faster, slower, doesn’t undoubtedly topic. I judge at the pause of the day it’s more important that we can undoubtedly flee as a alternative of merely be there and can’t catch the rest.

Q: Max, catch you expertise the auto when it’s producing less downforce, admire here?

MV: Effectively, I expertise this car more, after all – however for certain we’ll catch a vogue of making that car delectable as smartly.


CL: I agree. The feeling in qualifying with this vital downforce on the cars is merely pleasant and I like riding that manner. However yeah, as Max mentioned, we’ll must sacrifice a miniature bit bit of that to have greater racing. We merely must catch the prison steadiness it between reducing the speeds and searching for to examine.

Q: (Michael Schmidt – Auto Motor und Sport) Max, this day you misplaced fully two-tenths on the Ferrari on the key sector, yesterday it change into more than double. Any explanation for that?

MV: I judge we improved the auto again a miniature bit bit and yeah, perchance yesterday change into no longer the edifying sector one – however after all you progressively know it is most likely you’ll presumably be ready to give a obtain to, or you are trying, at the very least. And yeah, this day it change into merely working a miniature bit bit greater.

Q: (Carlos Alberto Velázquez – Reforma) Assign an assert to for Max. It’s your second pole this can presumably be your third rob here in Mexico. Wouldn’t Mexico be your fully flee observe to your life, in Formulation One. It is going to be your accepted for you?

MV: No. I don’t judge it is most likely you’ll presumably be ready to change your accepted observe. Since I change into a miniature bit one it change into progressively Spa and it’s mild the identical. However I progressively like coming here. It’s varied, y’know. Clearly we have some tracks the put we can catch undoubtedly quick thru corners and have loads of grip. That is the choice. It’s mild moderately technical and also it is best to be undoubtedly focussed on searching for to hit the apexes smartly and searching for to catch the tyres work, which is somewhat varied to about a varied tracks, which I like. And yes, it’s been pleasant to me within the past. It’s positively no longer a corrupt observe for me.

Q: (Fernando Alonso – motorlat.com) Charles, I don’t know if we’ll lose the probability for a truly tight fight in quali and catch you judge this would be translated to the flee, to have a truly halt fight between the Crimson Bull and Ferrari?

CL: Crimson Bull and, again, Max especially, change into very quick yesterday within the FP2 lengthy runs. So it’s going to be sophisticated however I judge the rest is doable if we opt an revenue initially. I judge there are moderately gargantuan issues for cooling for everyone, so it’s very sophisticated to examine around this observe. So yeah, we’ll need to determine on the choice in Turn One is we have it.

Q: Sebastian, catch you judge you’ll be nearer to Crimson Bull in flee neat?

SV: Effectively, I judge we had been very halt this day. Perchance nearer than the stopwatch change into telling. So, I judge it change into a match and I am hoping it’s… I’m moderately confident it’s going to be a match as smartly. Clearly it depends on how the flee unfolds however moreover I would no longer rule out Mercedes.

Q (Scott Mitchell – Autosport) To all three please. Simply to plug back to Valtteri’s atomize and the yellow flag at the pause of Q3. Is it jog among drivers and with the rulemakers what it is most likely you’ll presumably be ready to catch away with, with a yellow flag – and moreover is it realistic to quiz you to back off all that vital in qualifying when all that’s on the line?

CL: Yeah, after all, I judge it’s jog for everyone that as soon as there’s a yellow flag it is best to decelerate. On my facet, the atomize change into late, so I will have the ability to not judge that scenario however yeah, I judge it’s jog for every driver. It’s the fundamentals.

The rest more you’d admire to notify on this topic Max?

MV: No, I judge everyone is conscious of what a yellow flag scheme.

Q: (Lawrence Edmondson – ESPN) Why didn’t you back off then, for americans that saw the yellow?

MV: Effectively, it doesn’t topic, does it?

Q: Effectively it might presumably per chance, if the FIA gape into it.

MV: Effectively, then delete my lap. The second. The varied lap change into dazzling as smartly.

Q: Not from a security standpoint? Any concerns?

MV: Attain we need to plug there? To security? I judge we know what we are doing – otherwise we’d no longer be riding an F1 car. It’s qualifying and, yeah, you plug for it. However admire I mentioned sooner than, if they are searching for to delete the lap, then delete the lap.


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