Hamilton criticizes Verstappen: “The FIA ​​must be very strict”

(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Lewis Hamilton has criticized Max Verstappen for his handling of the yellow flags in Mexico and also questioned the associated rules. Verstappen had deliberately finished his lap at full speed in qualifying, although Valtteri Bottas had driven into the track boundary battle and the marshals had waved the yellow flag.

Lewis Hamilton


For Lewis Hamilton, safety should always come first Zoom Download

“He did not have to go full throttle, because he would have had the poles anyway”, the Mercedes driver wonders about the behavior of his opponent. He had even said in the press conference afterwards that he had noticed the accident, but still did not leave the Gasoline. The race stewards finally qualified him with a grid penalty from three grid positions.

Das Hamilton agrees: “The FIA ​​has to be very, very strict about that,” he says. After all, safety is a top priority for Hamilton – not only for the drivers, but also for the marshals, who themselves ensure safety in Formula One. “Fortunately, there is no marshal on the line,” says Hamilton.

“Not a good excuse”

“Valtteri could also have been in the middle of the track and the Marshalls were there,” he criticizes Verstappens full throttle tactics. The fact that the Dutchman had ignored the yellow flags was “not great” – even though Hamilton at the time assumed that they had been double-swirled yellow flags. But they were simple.

That Verstappen did not want to see the yellow flags and was not shown on the dashboard, Hamilton does not say, “That's not a good excuse,” he waves away. “He saw the flags and decided not to react to them.”

“Hopefully the right decisions will be made because drivers have to learn to respect such things,” Hamilton said before the verdict .

Why Hamilton drove himself best time 19102703

But also the Briton had to put up with questions after qualifying. He also had set a best time in the second Q3 attempt, although he drove behind Bottas battle. However, in the last leg, he actually batted two tenths of a second slower than before.

“Valtteri's battle is right in front of me, and I've seen parts lying on the ground. and I'm pretty reluctant to fight because something had to happen in front of me, “he explains. “When I realized that there was an accident, I basically like like flash a flash over.”

His two lost tenths of a second usually suffice as proof that he has slowed down, used to be Hamilton finds something “weird”. “On the straights you can lop and get away with it, that's stupid,” he says. “In Austria, people have gone up the hill from the Gasoline and have not lost time, but you could show the FIA ​​that you have left the Gasoline.”

“In blind turns, if you do not know “Come on, you have to be really careful,” Hamilton continues. “Double yellow is usually called 'slow the fuck down' because there might be a car in the middle of the road, I was told that there was a double Yellow Battle, and luckily I did not fight in the Direct.”

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