Helmut Marko: Verstappen not guilty


After punishing the winner of the pre-race qualifier for Mexico's Max Verstappen for ignoring yellow flags by penalizing three starting positions, Pink Bull's Helmut Marko, who is convinced that the Dutchman did nothing, came to his defense wrong.

The commissioners, after qualifying, made the decision to award the Dutchman a penalty of three starting points for ignoring the yellow flags, which means that Pink Bull fell to the fourth starting spot and pole space belonged to Charles Leclerc.

Helmut Marko is convinced that Verstappen was wrongfully punished.

Max was right behind Bottas and unaware of the situation ahead. In qualifying, the racer is focused on his fast lap and monitors the screen on the steering wheel where he is not shown a yellow flag. We cannot expect it to release gas just before the end of the round.

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