Mercedes of good things: Racing train-up since Friday rebuilt


( – Mercedes had to admit in the qualifying of Mexico, that this weekend is only third force. “Half a second off the pole is not great and we have no easy explanation for that,” said senior race engineer Andrew Shovlin after finishing fourth and sixth for Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas ( Formula One (***************************************************************************)

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But Mexico has never been the favorite course for Mercedes. Motorsport boss Toto Wolff has therefore already expected the result. “For some reason we have never been as good as we wanted to be at this altitude and on this tarmac,” says the Austrian.

In previous years, this was due to a strong Energy -Unit can compensate. “But in recent years, it has become ever narrower,” says Wolff. Meanwhile, the Ferrari drive is considered the measure of all things, but also with Pink Bull could not keep up, although they do not have the strongest engine with Honda.

On the straights one is had been similarly strong, but in the curves, the bulls could make up the time. “Accordingly, we need to look at the handling of the tires and how we use the chassis to understand where we can increase, among other things,” says Shovlin. “It looks as if our tires are not quite ready at the start of the lap and they have already been used up to the last sector.”

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That could become a decisive factor in the race as well. “Graining and wear are a big difficulty for many groups,” says Wolff. And since all the top teams start with mediums, a stalemate could develop after the start. The boss of the team expects high administration, so that maybe one can only come forward with a more aggressive strategy.

“If we get stuck where we are after the start, then our only likelihood is to try something different, “says Wolff. “We will certainly do that, if we can not improve our train by pure pace.”

But still you have not given up the hope for a good Efficiency: One has from Friday on Saturday made some changes to improve the racing space. “Unfortunately, we could not check them, so we expect a little expedition tomorrow,” says Shovlin.

He makes Mercedes courage: “We had a good racing pace on almost all tracks this year. Therefore, we are optimistic that we will be able to return to the action tomorrow. “

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