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25 aspects · 2 hours ago

I esteem this man. He acts esteem he knows how lucky he is to be in F1.

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14 aspects · 2 hours ago

He’s correct so rattling involving, in truth hope we glance him on the grid for a long time.

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Daniil Kvyat

8 aspects · 2 hours ago

He obtained quite queer since he isnt ready to desire gps…

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#33 Max Verstappen

0 aspects · 2 hours ago · edited 2 hours ago

Every on occasion I screech he has some minor brain injury.

Ow geez, originate now not screech something remotely opposed about presumably the most cherished driver on the grid! Its a fucking shaggy dog fable individuals.

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Poetic as fuck

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Fernando Alonso

1 point · 2 hours ago

Traditional Honey Badger

stage 1

Hopefully his pit discontinue engineers know which methodology to expose the wheel nuts.

stage 1

Max Verstappen

0 aspects · 2 hours ago

This man is ultimate

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