The comedy of delusions continues: The FIA ​​nevertheless begins its investigation against Verstappen


Although the FIA ​​initially did not intend to investigate the breach of the yellow flag rule afforded by Max Verstappen in the pre-race qualifying for the Mexican Grand Prix, the commissioners nevertheless launched an investigation after Verstappen himself admitted at the press conference that after the collision Valtteri Bottas did not slow down.

The post-qualification footage revealed that despite the double yellow flags, Verstappen did not slow down after the collision with Valtteri Bottas and even improved his time.

Verstappen admitted at a press conference after qualifying that he did not slow down despite the yellow flag displayed, while the FIA ​​argued that the Red Bull racer had dropped the gas and therefore did not intend to investigate the matter.

After Verstapp's words had already been circulated in public, the FIA ​​nevertheless began investigating the incident and called the Dutch racer for defense.

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