World Champion of the Season 1997 Jacques Villeneuve thinks Max Verstappen didn't act the smartest after yesterday's qualifiers, when he admitted at a press conference without hesitation that he had ignored the yellow flags after the collision of Valtteri Bottas.

The commissioners, after qualifying, made the decision to award the Dutchman a penalty of three starting places, ignoring the yellow flags, which means that Pink Bull fell to the fourth starting place and the pole situation belonged to Charles Leclerc.

Verstappen raised a lot of dust by qualification, stating that he did not release the gas despite being aware of Bottas' collision, as he ruled that he did not need to do so.

Jacques Villeneuve also condemned the Dutchman's conduct.

“He is obviously not overly smart and at the same time a very bad role model for young racers. He had a pole situation but still didn't think, which is not the smartest thing. There should never be an enact situation where the racer decides for himself what is safe and what is not, since he does not know all the circumstances in the cockpit. “

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