Bottas on the aftereffects of his atomize: Miniature headache in the morning, but wasn’t certain turned into it from the tequila or the atomize



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77 functions · 2 hours ago

It’s most likely you’ll well per chance’t recall the finnish out from him

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#7 Kimi Räikkönen

31 functions · 2 hours ago

Bottas 3.0 have to be taking one out of Kimi’s e book

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Joke Module v.0.5.0 take a look at a success ✔️

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Nico Erik Rosberg

Genuine Poster7 functions · 3 hours ago

Fat press convention, total with time-stamps, would per chance well additionally simply also be chanced on right here.

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Novel user

6 functions · 3 hours ago

Def the tequila

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Yeah steady he’s ingesting the night time before a trudge.

Bottas is acting love a confident hard man, and it displays.

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Marcus Ericsson

2 functions · 1 hour ago

Agreeable acknowledge!

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Lewis Hamilton

1 level · 20 minutes ago

To a Finn, tequila is de facto Capri-Sun

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