Lewis Hamilton, after winning the GP, expressed his dissatisfaction with Sebastian Vettl's race from the start, as the driver of the Ferrari, according to Hamilton, risked a serious accident with aggressive closing.

Hamilton started very well from third place and was then closed by Sebastian Vettel, who closed the way for the Briton, and Hamilton is correct to take the front left wheel to the grass.

Following the race, Hamilton Vettl's race was identified as dangerous.

“I started very well and quickly approached Leclerc, then Sebastian ran across the track, squeezing me into a corner. I ran out of space and a powerful collision could be accomplished. It looked like he was doing everything he could to get me off the track. I am lawful to relent and as a result I have fallen into disrepair, which has led to accomplishable contact with Verstappen. It was very close, but luckily it all worked out in the end. ”

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